Saturday 16 October 2010

Pathetic media's criticism has no coherence

Exactly as I had predicted the media have jumped on today's proceedings to do what they love best, sticking the knife into Arsenal's belly and twisting it our of sheer jealousy and spite. Arsene Wenger has taken the red card on the chin and admitted it was thoroughly deserved:

"He mistimed his tackled and got a red card, which he deserved.....Jack has acknowledged he deserved it, but he did not spend his whole game trying to kick people, he was one of the best players on the pitch. It was more of frustration and did not want to hurt the player, but we do not complain about the red card."

Arsene has been honest and has not looked for excuses. However in the media there has already been the repetition of the same old 'whinger Wenger' and 'didn't see it' coming from the same old biased cretins. On the BBC's show Mark Chapman and Robbie 'vacuum' Savage delighted in misinterpreting Arsene's comments and calling him various insulting names. Unbelievable.

With reckless and dangerous tackles the term 'not that kind of player' is both a useless and meaningless one, hence I am not a fan of Goodplaya's controversial headline. It matters not whether the player cradles orphans of picks the wings off insects in their free time, this is irrelevant, what matters is that they are consistently judged on their actions on the pitch.

Jack's tackle was a very bad reckless lunge that deserved a straight red card. If the FA were not impotent fools then it is this kind of tackle that should get an extra ban, I am no hypocrite and I will not try to defend Wilshere's tackle and say it wasn't that bad. It was an awful tackle and it is exactly the kind that needs to be punished more harsly by the authorities.

The thing that stands out in all this is the media's rank bias and inconsistency in dealing with these issues. The media is now very happy to jump on the bandwagon criticising Arsenal tackles, however many of them are also happy to defend violence when they so choose by saying 'it's a man's game' and 'you can't take tackling out of the game' at various times.

The media are a disgrace in my opinion. Arsene has looked for no excuses and taken things squarely on the chin, yet the media are twisting the knife in again and again. Some sad biased individuals delight in this unjustified campaign of persecution, what bitter losers they must be. I pity these fools, they seem to be so eaten up by hate from the inside, what sad lives they must lead.


Anonymous said...

In fairness to Sky, they at least downplayed the incident.

Anonymous said...

Well, you have to accept that same standards apply to yourself as you want it to others.

Anonymous said...

I beleive Arsene has proved time and time again he is the standard all other managers should strive for in his modesty and fairness ,truly a great man.

Anonymous said...


i wouldn't get so worked up about that wanker savage and that chaphead prick. of course they will jump on arsenal because we are box office and get ratings for their pathetic shows. the media are vermin and should not be listened to on anything including such trivial matters as football..

1979gooner said...

"Well, you have to accept that same standards apply to yourself as you want it to others."

Meaning what precisely?

Having been called a hypocrite by various people with no decent justification, can you provide anything to back up your vague meandering?

Anonymous said...

Let's drop it asap, Wenger and have been clear where we stand. Move on.

The real story this w/e is Manure and Chelski dropping four points between them, and whether Citeh go second tomorrow. Chelsea were toothless and had no depth. Zhirkov looked good at first, but after 15 minutes Zhirkov disappeared. Wtf! Terry misplaced 80% of his passes once over the halfway line (or so it seemed). Anelka was pathetic. To say they are going to run away with it is just not true. They could, but they don't really look like they want to.

The second story is that Arsenal coast to victory (sort of), conserve energy for the Champion's League. Beat Donesk and we have 9 points and can rotate players.

Anonymous said...

3rd story - Flappianski growing in confidence! Who saw that coming?!

Anonymous said...

Not just the media, did anyone catch the commentators defending roger johnson when he CLEARLY, throw an elbow into chamakh's face while winning the header. He said there is absolutely nothing wrong the header, very conveniently missing the elbow.

The second time was then Zigic elbowed Wilshere giving him a bloody mouth, granted it is accidental, but the cretin commentators said the arm of Zigic hit Wilshere, brilliant, pointed arms huh? Obviously tried to avoid to use the word elbow.

Third, a loose ball and Bendtner some guy challenged for a bouncing loose ball. Seems 50:50 to me, Bentner leg was just a bit higher than the other player, referee called foul. The cretins are at in again, "some player rough up by Bendtner"

This kind of vile media hate on Arsenal is so disgusting. I thought commentator should be unbiased? Are we the most hated team in Britain?

1979gooner said...

anon 2013

agree manu in particular and chelsea are looking very prone to dropping points

if we can start grinding out the results then we could do well come the end of season

Anonymous said...

Same old ars anal,biggest ballbag fans in the epl,hated by all,it's ok for the pikie wilshire but not for talyor.scum

Anonymous said...

Anon 20:49 - Yeah i picked up on all those too. Trevor Francis of the Scum and Rob Palmer were way over the top with their biasness, it wasn't even slightly occulted. Now the Media and hacks are following suit, if this was the states they'd all be sued for liabel.

Anonymous said...

Give it a rest you hypocritical fool. The media have made a lot of challenges made by Henry and De Jong. You are just experiencing the backlash for yourselves but ask Wolves and City fans what they have had to put up with their own players. No difference here whatsoever. You've completely discredited any opinions you have on this subject going forward with your decision to lambast the media instead of a young player who is over aggressive to begin with.

Unknown said...

Watched the game on Fox in Aus. Francis and Palmer are a joke, as soon as the penalty was scored everything was anti-arse, even claimed that Steven Carr didn't tackle MC when he scored cos he would obviously dive in the box. Absolute joke!!!

geez said...

@Anonymous 21:45 //

dude, are you really as dumb as you pretend to be?

didn├Ąt you read here that wenger didn't like wilshere's tackle and the arsenal fans didn't either?

how is that EVEN CLOSE to making us like the fans of stoke and birmingham who defend their horrendous tackles?

people like you make me scared for humanity's future

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell francis who commentated for sky who said chamack dived did in fact get touch so full credit to the ref in getting it RIGHT. Chamack could have done a 3 somersault dive with tuck if he got touched, I think these commentators forget that the slightest contact = foul. Oh yeah if it was Rooney would sky have moaned so much about the penalty, I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Hmm just watching match of the day and so such pathetic hyprocritical over reaction there. Maybe you're just being an arse?

You are just gutted that all your campaigning has been thrown firmly back at your face.

Anonymous said...

"dude, are you really as dumb as you pretend to be"

Haha - at least he's not using terms like dude. Stop watching American sitcoms. People like you make me fear for the future of our country. Hate to think we'll end up as dumb as the americans.

Anonymous said...

Great article 1979Gooner. It's so predictable from those little Englanders I really have to laugh. That's all those xenophopes have waited for while totally ignoring the point of this debate. Show me the quote where Arsene said Arsenal players should be excluded from being punished when making bad tackles. So for example should the fact that I'm aware of the possibility of my countrymen being able to cause car accidents by reckless behaviour remove my right to call for the punishment of people who are responsible for causing accidents?
All Arsene said was to punish reckless tackles retrospectively which were not spotted during the game by the officials. He was not advocating special treatment for his players. But this simple fact is simply too difficut to grasp for people with an agenda.

Please keep campaigning. It really must have riled up those trolls and spuds who have been unable to respond to your well reasoned articles until the media gives them excuses to crawl out of their hiding place. Well done 1979Gooner!

Lady Arsenal said...

Think what it would be like if he was foreign!

Don't worry though, he'll soon be running the England team and we'll have our very own 'untouchable'. Long have I been waiting..

Anonymous said...

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Khalid Raffali said...

wilshere deserved the red and now will get 3 match ban.

the only good outcome that we can wish out of all this is for the refs to be consistent with the rest of the league and punish these x-rated tackles equally.

well one can only hope.

1979gooner said...

hi all,

to the idiot who thinks I have discredited my own opinions, who on earth have I done this? ermmmm

also watching the wilshere tackle again, no doubt a red card, but noway as reckless as henry's the other week, or robinson's on diaby,

slight mitigating factor was that he didn't have his leg fully straight and was slightly in control, only slightly i may add

Anonymous said...

Typical Arsenal.

We are perfect - everyone else is out to get us.

Try seeing things with a balance view.

If Wilshire had been on the receiving end of such a tackle you lot would be calling for the player to be banned for 6 months.

1979gooner said...

latest anon,

read what has been written you fool!

I am just pointing out the rank hypocrisy of people like you who love to criticise Arsenal whatever we do but are happy to ignore much worse from other clubs

it is rather amusing to be called a hypocrite when i am criticising my own player for a reckless challenge

some people need to buy a dictionary and learn the meaning of words like hypocrite

Johnny Deigh said...

Where was the uproar for Essien's assault on Diaby or Malouda's tackle on Sagna?

Where was the press complaining about Robinson's lunge on Diaby or Kevin Davies headbutt on Koscielny let alone his "2 yellow card" scythes in one minute of play that was only punished with one booking?

And of course, where is the rage for Johnson leading with an elbow into Chamakh's head?

Certainly we would be complaining if that tackle had happened to Wilshere and the ref didn't send him off and especially if there were an injury.

But Wilshere was sent off and Zigic wasn't injured was he?