Sunday 3 October 2010

Karl Henry tackle and repugnant fat Sam

Here is the video showing Karl Henry's latest leg breaking challenge. Well done to Lee Mason for getting the red card out straight away, it's just a shame that the FA don't want to highlight this kind of violence by giving extended bans of at least six games, that's what this kind of recklessness deserves.

The most worrying thing is that Karl Henry seems to be aggrieved that he has been sent off, he seems to think he has been harshly treated and it should only be a yellow card. The amount of force that he has put into the tackle is truly frightening, it is just incredibly lucky that Gomes has come out of it without a shattered bone.

There were a few other poor tackles yesterday, N'Zonzi's straight legged lunge against Stoke stood out and deserved a red card for it's recklessness. Fat Sam's comments on bad tackling yesterday also showed just how regressive some people's attitude is. He talked of football being a game of eleven versus eleven and said that yellow/red cards were 'game spoilers'.

Fat Sam may think that leg breaking tackles are just mistimed accidents but that is just plain nonsense coming from a man whose team go out to make up for their lack of skill by being overly dangerous and aggressive. The 'game spoilers' are the likes of Allardyce and Pulis who instruct their teams to go out and win at all costs. The tackles that are so overly forceful and violent that they routinely break bones are the 'game spoilers'. Teams that play like fat Sam's need to be punished properly to wipe them out of the English game, the FA need to step in the punish reckless tackling properly. The fact that Karl Henry only gets a three game ban for his tackle is beyond a joke, we need to be kicking kicking out of football.


Warholio said...

I'd love to see that tackle straight in Fat Sam's Fat Face!

Anonymous said...

Says it all. If the FA can't see this what hope is there?

Anonymous said...

it just happen none of his players have had that sort of injury done by poor tackling. it tells us who is behind all this. FA has been slow and stubborn on this. perhaps they would something if this happened on one of England key players. physical league doesnt mean breaking people's leg you see

1979gooner said...


Fat sam is scum in my eyes, and I don't say this lightly.

The way he thinks violence like this is acceptable is quite disgraceful.

Bumpkin said...

I think Karl Henry (or his dinosaur manager) suggested that Gomes had been theatrical when was sent flying by the force of the challenge! Can you beliueve that? What a cowardly action by a hideous c*nt.

Begeegs said...

I gotta say that I would love to see someone actually start punching Henry after a tackle like that - it would highlight the issue much more as who would get the lengthier ban?t
Sorry - but those types of tackles should get long bans.

1979gooner said...

Agree again.

Henry is a disgrace to football, he does these tackles week in week out.

His lack of insight into just how dangerous he is says it all really.

He is a cowardly disgrace tackling the way he does.

The nonsense in the media is all about how Henry isn't 'malicious', this is nonsense, by definition that kind of tackle is deeply malicious, we should stop waffling on about semantics and intent, it is irrelevant, if one tackles like that one runs the risk of breaking limbs and it is by definition malicious.

Anonymous said...

Agree with your comments. Well done the ref on straight red, no hesitation .... shame on Henry for protesting and anyone who tries to defend him ... now it's up to the FA to take a stand and to ban the player for an extended period.

We all love the physical game and pundidts are quick to denounce "cheating" in terms of a handball, time wasting or a dive - and yet leg breaking challenges are all part of the game? nonsense. its all cheating, and the leg breaking challenge should be dealt with far more harshly.

Anonymous said...

It infuriated me at the time that Henry's red card tackle on Rosicky last season was widely derided by the commentariat (especially on MOTM) as unlucky. It was an appalling tackle form behind which left Rosicky with a notable gash on the back of his calf - but as usual when an Arsenal player is the victim of a bad tackle, it was Arsenal who ended up with most of the criticism. It really is a ridiculously hypocritical attitude.

And here's a radical suggestion: ban the sliding tackle. If players were not allowed to go to deliberately go to ground in attempting to win the ball 90% of the contact injuries in the sport would disappear overnight and it would become a game of almost pure skill (imagine something like 5-a-side played on a full-size pitch).

'Course, it'll never happen though...

1979gooner said...

You can't ban the sliding tackle.

You can tackle safely by sliding in if your technique is right, the problem is these bad tackles are awful technically, they are not only mistimed, they are bad technically, instead of having one's leg slightly flexed and in control with one's top of foot winning the ball, not one's studs, they are out of control straight legged lunges with the studs up which are always reckless.

I have no problem with a safe tackle that is slightly late, that's part of football, it's the tackle that is reckless whether it wins the ball or not that needs stamping out.

Bumpkin said...

Nigel de Jong has just busted Ben Arfa's leg.

Chris Waddle said it was a fair challenge as his left leg got the ball. The fact that his right acted as a scissor and snapped his ankle is pure conjecture I suppose.

ESPN has the worst pundits and commentators, they really have scraped the bottom of the barrel and when you consider they barrel has been well scapred by sky, bbc and talkshite, that tells how bad espns roster is.

Drew said...

The force which De Jong used to tackle Ben Arfa was unbelievable. This is (at least) the second instance that De Jong "won" a challenge, yet broke the leg of the other player. The other time was when he was playing for the Netherlands against the USA, and De Jong won the ball, but caught Stuart Holden with his trailing leg, which subsequently broke Holden's leg. He IS that type of player. I just wish he would go back to kicking people in the chest...

1979gooner said...

Bumpkin and Drew,

agree 100%

tackles which win the ball but than scissor are blatantly dangerous

so when you combine this with the force de jong used it's massively reckless

it's a clear foul, waddle's argument lacks logic and ignores the rules of the game

putting the player you tackle at risk is a foul, all scissoring tackles are fouls, they have to be from the side/behind which is actually something that refs should know

Anonymous said...

The likes of Paul Robinson, Karl Henry and Nigel de Jong are talentless thugs and should not be allowed anywhere near a football field for the rest of their careers.

And oh, i am not a Arsenal fan by the way but i hardly the only one to support Wenger when he calls for more protection to be given to flair players.

Remember van Basten having to retire at 32 after his legs gave in to many whackings from hooligans, sorry professional defenders?

We dont need that and we dont need thugs like Karl Henry and de Jong around.

That said, can some hooligan on the streets volunteer to shatter their legs for good if you see them out on the streets? Let them have a taste of their medicine

Seb said...

Well done for highlighting this, something needs to be done to stop the rise of the cloggers. Every mid-table team seems to think they need a K. Henry or a L. Cattermole or a M. Taylor in order to secure their league status. "We can't play as good as them fancy pants foreigners, so let's 'it 'em 'ard, they don't like it oop em do they."

In my opinion, forget six match bans, get a panel involved, review tackles that cause serious injury, and arrest anyone that shows intent. A criminal record and a week in the slammer for these cunts ought to start reversing the trend.

Anonymous said...

We need a petition that can be signed and sent to thefa, PL & board of refs.

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