Thursday 14 October 2010

Fat Sam: the deluded lardy files continue

The deluded and foolish fat Sam Allardyce just can't keep his pie swilling mouth shut these days. First there was the talk of him being the most technical coach in the land, next was the claims that he would win the league every season if he managed a big club, and now more talk on how clean his Blackburn side are:

"The perception of Blackburn Rovers is the wrong one, in many, many cases and we have to live with it......The perception of Sam Allardyce is the wrong one, but I have to live with it."

It's all about perception with fat Sam, he actually isn't that fat, that's just the camera adding a few stone, he would also never order his sides to go out and be physically aggressive in a way that would see several members of the opposition stretchered off. My memories of his cheating violent Bolton side must just be a mis-perception then, those Arsenal players being stretchered off were also just a mis-perception. The likes of Allardyce see dangerous reckless tackles as just fair committed play. For example the repugnant Paul Robinson thought his reckless lunge on Diaby was just a hard fair tackle, utterly stupid.

Allardyce cites some statistics to back up his argument, a nonsensical approach given that referees rarely even award fouls for appallingly dangerous and reckless tackles. Ben Arfa's leg was broken and no foul was given, a cracking example of this problem we have with the poor officiating in this country. I like this amusing take on fat Sam's delusion over at offthepost. Danny Murphy should apologise for nothing, he is entitled to his opinion, as fat Sam is entitled to his stupid deluded opinion. The way in which various bullies are rounding on Murphy including Allardyce and the crony-led LMA shows what a corrupt footballing institution we have in this country. It is fantastic to hear an experienced and highly respected manager in Dario Gradi backing up Murphy's comments:

"You don't play good football if you're hot headed........I'm happy to see people make tackles. I'm just not happy for people to risk injury getting tackled"

Gradi makes some excellent points, including the one that those who tackle recklessly also risk their own limbs. It's just a great shame that the likes of Wenger and Gradi are in a massive minority in this country, if there were more of them then we may see less broken legs and a lot more decent football played, we also might have a much better selection of English players. Dangerous reckless tackling does not show commitment, it shows a complete disregards for one's fellow professional's limbs, it also shows a rank lack of skill and the inability to win the ball without being violent. It's a great shame that so many in our game's corrupt corridors of power cannot see the huge problem staring them in the face, the denial cannot go on forever.


Glenn said...

Hilarious to see fat Sam STILL talking about himself in the 3rd person!

What a self serving deluded old twit he is!

Of course we will hear of how its wrong to demonise tackling as its a mans game, thats because if English players can't go in over aggressive and jump into tackles, then they will be left eveb further behind their more technically gifted, talented FOREIGN counterparts.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the England team should have executed a few manly tackles on the Montenegrans.

Arsenal Articles said...

The fact that Danny Murphy is being vilified for his comments says it all about the Pulis & Allardyce of this game , and large sections of the Britisih media.

Thought Ben Arfa's broken leg would have stopped muppets like Pulis & Allardyce but sadly not to be.

Unfortunately it will take a horrific injury to an England player for it to become a serious debate.