Monday 4 January 2010

Shut it fat Sam you immense fool

Will people never get tired of repeating the same old tired and faulty arguments. Sam Allardyce is the latest to hype up the dire straits that the English game is in because of the number of foreign footballer in our top division. The media should not give these thoughtless statements the time of day.

The argument is just plain wrong. The English game has benefited massively from the influx of foreign talent since the Premiership began. In fact the current England squad is probably the strongest we've had for many decades, strange that this has coincided with less English players in the top flight, it completely rides roughshod over arguments like Sam Allardyce. Interestingly Spain have also produced the best side they had for many a year with a record number of foreign players in their top league, strange that.

The fact is that the superior technique of foreign players has forced English clubs to improve their own player development and youth systems. This has meant that we are now producing much better technical footballers than we have for some time, this simply wouldn't have happened without the foreign influx. If it wasn't for the foreign influence we would still be stuck in the dark ages watching a lot more dire direct long ball football.

The enemies of the national game in this country have been the likes of Sam Alllardyce. Managers that encourage a brutal brand of dire over-physical football have helped create a footballing environment in which technique and creativity find it hard to exist, skill and technique are frequently stamped out by cloggers and hackers. Allardyce football produces players like Kevin Nolan and Kevin Davies, players that will never threaten to do anything at a decent level where skill and technique are needed.

The number of English players in the top division is not the thing of greatest importance. If we have a top drawer league with the best players in the world then the English players in this league will have to be of a much higher standard than if we had a weaker league full of more domestic talent. Allardyce et al's argument does not cut the mustard and it should not be given the time of day. Shut it fat Sam you hypocritical cretin.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with your comments. I'm old enough to remember the days of the old 1st division, with its apparent gulf in class and technical skills to that of our Continental neighbors. At that it was believed that foreigners coming here could only influence and thus improve our game and in turn, that would expose our to so called 'Continental style'.

Anonymous said...

Shut up you pig head Fat Sam!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fat Sam is like village people

Anonymous said...

Redknapp, ur a cunt

Anonymous said...

One thing no-one has mentioned is that 90% of all FatSam's buys for Bolton were foreign. Mug!

Anonymous said...

Poor Harry says that ...cause he does not know how to educate homegrown players to be technical.. cause he was not technical himself.

You can only teach what you know, right?

Anonymous said...

How many English players Blackburn Rovers have? You should ask fat Sam.

I rest my case.

1979gooner said...


Fat Sam has never put any emphasis on blooding youngsters.

He has bought a lot of journeyman pros which makes a complete mockery of his stance.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Just wanted to convey to you that Fat Sam is a cunt.

If there was a cunt championship, he would wing it by miles

Haribo said...

Excellent post, well played.

Anonymous said...

fat sam is a bullock-faced cnut. All that is missing is the ring through his nose. Hypocrite bovine cud chewing cnut

Anonymous said...

to be honest england suck because all the players in the national squad play in the same comparison to spains squad who have premierleague, la liga and serie experience..... food for thought.... maybe lampard should have went to inter??????

Davi said...

I dont agree that this english squad is really that strong. I think theres some good players, some very good, but no one spectacular. And as a squad, they cannot take too many injuries before the 1st team starts to suffer.
I still agree with ur points overall because the young talent coming through at arsenal, man utd and chelsea in particular does look very impressive. Some of these kids have technical abilities far above many of the players in the current england squad and will turn out to be very good players in the future im sure - this is a benefit of introducing different styles to the PL and their reserve teams, and of increasing the competition for places at youth level.

1979gooner said...


i think the england squad is much much stronger than it was around ten years ago,

i do take the point that england lack certain types of player, the creative technical ball player that arsenal have in abundance is a type of player that our game fails to produce

Anonymous said...

this being the same fat sam who 'signed' many a freebie foreigner,

the same fat sam who's son is under a giant corruption cloud for 'signatures'

what a joke

CS1 said...

i fully believe Fat boy sam is not only racist but he is a D**K sucker, why do people who are no longer in the game have to make comments and by the way how does Arsenal having no English players in the first team effect a whole nation, its one team, i didn't know Arsenal were that powerful, how did some one this stupid become a manager at this level, no wonder there is no English managers good enough to manage England.

Anonymous said...


I think.

Anonymous said...

Fat Sam is just pissed that an Italian is the national team manager, and why is that, ermm dont tell me.........

zagrex said...

Does he know what is talking this fat cow .

1 - Givet :French
2 -Samba :french
3 -Olson :Sweeden
4 -Zurab :Georgia
5 -Salgado :Spain
6 -Gunning :Ireland
7 -Lars :Denmark
8 -Nelsen :New Zeland
9 -Chimbonda :Guadelope
10 -Emerton :Australia
11 -Grella :Australia
12 -Pederson :Norway
13 -Nzonzi :France
14 -Keyth : Ireland
15 -Elrio Van H:S.Africa
16 -Aaron : Ireland
17 -Diouf : Senegal
18 -Hoillet :Canada
19 -McCarthy :S.Africa
20 -Kalinic :Croatia
21 -Di Santo :Argentina

And this fat cow yet is complaining of other teams being full of foreigneirs

zagrex said...
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Anonymous said...

Go away Fatty. And go back to working in the butcher shop. Your tactics are almost as worse as your style of play.

Anonymous said...

Just leave him alone,because he has little experience in d game

Anonymous said...

Here here! Totally agree mate. Allardice is really an egotist. Nasty man and an enemy of true football in my opinion. I am glad that people see through his crap.

Anonymous said...

Allardyce you fat cunt, what have you ever done to improve the England team. Fuck all. Shut it and concentrate on your own team of foreigners you fucking hypocrite.

Unknown said...

you guys do realise the english game has improved but the actually youngsters coming up are not that good. I think his point is because of the influx of foreing players homegrown players find it much harder to break into first team football hence the majority being loaned out, hence when a decent english player comes along his actual price tag is far higher then that of a equally skilled person from abroad. I would also like to point out that I think someone mentioned kevin Davies in an earlier comment, Im not stupid and i know his style of play is to bully centre haves as much as possible but when your kevin davies and refs dont pay much attention to you being fouled isnt it strange how he inccurs one of the highest counts of both fouls commited and against you know just foo dfor thought and i seem to recall past couple of seasons the gunners havnt exactly been the cleanest of teams when playing against kevin davies. Oh and another thing why should smaller clubs like blackburn go bankrupt trying to buy english players while teams like Arsenal field very few english players but justify it by saying they play beautifull football. i dont deny the asrsenals stle of play is veryy atravtive but should it not be larger clubs to take the inititive and buy more home grown tallent to lower the prices of english players to make it more affordable for smaller clubs oh and by the wya im a bolton supporter so umm yea our first team is made up of mostly english players so yea dont try to go of yea your a hypocryt cause im not just someone making an observation

Ted said...

If the so-called good young English players cannot get a game for an English club, then they should go abroad. If they are good enough, then there is absolutely no reason why an English player will not get picked for England if they play in Spain, Italy, France, Germany etc.

Instead, the lazy bastards would rather play for a Championship side and moan about the fact that they cannot get into the Premiership.

The English must be the worst travelled footballers in the World.

1979gooner said...

good point Ted,

we are pretty bad at this in many ways as a nation,


arsenal have not had the money to buy the best english talent, in fact buying the best in english talent doesn't develop english players, it is putting money into one's youth system and developing talent in this way that makes a difference,

actually our youth system has produced a hell of lot of good pros in the last few years, arguably as many as any other club:

cole, gibbs, bentley, harper, sidwell, thomas, hoyte

we also have some very talented english kids coming through like wilshere, bartley, emmanuel-thomas, lansbury

it is a simple fact that if you want to have the best league in the world then you will have a lot less english players playing in it,

either you have a weaker league full of english players or a great one with less, it's not rocket science

Fred said...

Add this to his list of inserting foot in mouth.