Saturday 2 January 2010

West Ham preview, Chelsea in denial

The hints are that big Phil may well start at centre back and that Tomas Rosicky will come into the forward line for our trip to West Ham. I'd also reckon that Fabianski will get some game time ahead of Almunia. Arsene has spoken about the FA Cup and he confirms that it will be a strong side with only minor changes from the Pompey game. A mysterious foot injury has been the reason behind big Phil's recent lack of minutes, something that was not revealed at the time.

Chelsea fans are really a special bunch for a number of reasons. Here a Chelsea fan has a rather illiterate dig at Arsene while talking of Roman Abrahmovich as 'Uncle' and Arsene Wenger as a 'crazy old fool'. If these dim witted half wits cared to read what Arsene has actually said then they may say something a little less stupid:

"Professional football is about winning and balancing the budget. That's the basic rule, one I fought for. All the rest is half-cheating. I don't know what happened [at Portsmouth] but for every club it has to be the same: for Chelsea, for everybody. I've always pleaded for financial fair play."

Arsene's words are sensible and fair. He has not had a specific dig at Chelsea, as some grey cell lacking Chelsea fans seem to feel because of their paranoid persecution complexes. He has just pointed out that it is unfair if certain clubs are not balancing their budgets but being allowed to compete with clubs that are taking care of their finances and balancing their budgets responsibly. Despite Roman's billions Chelsea are still losing over 40 million a year. With their ageing squad when they start having to buy in players for big money again, it is inevitable that these losses will rise again.

Chelsea are the the epitomy of the scum that have become involved in modern football. They were a club that should have gone into administration as a result of their careless spending and financial mismanagement. They have been bailed out by money that has directly gained from the suffering and poverty of millions of Russians. If any Chelsea fan cared to read a little about the way in which Mr Abrahmovich actually gained his wealth then I very much doubt they would refer to this nasty piece of work as their 'Uncle'. Chelsea fans are a fickle bunch if they are offended by it being hinted that they are half cheating, because in reality the man that has saved their club is amoral criminal scum of the lowest order. Be proud of Uncle Roman Chelsea fans, what a great club you have.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to get into the morality of how Abramovic got made his fortune, but I recognise it. What's more important is that Chelsea have proven that they could not pay back the loans he advanced to the club. So what do they do? They convert the loans to "equity". That's cheating because the EUFA rules about excessive debt are going to be imposed in a couple of years. How can a 100% shareholder convert loans to EQUITY? So how much does he own now? 150%? I'd like to see the changes in the Chelsea balance sheet to see how this is accounted for. Clearly the club is insolvent and they are manufacturing a voodoo solution.

GunnerPete said...

Sadly we are in the era of financial crooks and bent management. The world has been crucified by bent right wing bankers and football in UK is now swamped with crooks from all over financing another type of what? Well the so what is that when the emphasis is off the UK PL then these crooks will fly off to another country thta will welcome them with open arms ie Africa. This will leave a few clubs like Chelski, Manure, Liverpool in the crap with debts to pay and players walking out. serveral of them could even be demoted when their books are exhamined then the 'Uncle's' will be long gone.


1979gooner said...

Good point about the equity 'solution'. It does sound like a royal fudge.

I just hope and pray that that crook Usmanov is kept out of the marble halls, what would then happen to Arsenal does not bear thinking about.

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Anonymous said...

mmm.. a Chelsea fan here. I would just advise caution against using libelous wording against Mr Abramovich.
Also you and your commentators seem to have little knowledge of your own dirty past involving Henry Norris.
As to finances, a man can do what he likes with his money and a company can issue as many new shares as its charter allows in order to raise capital (reference the new share issues for the Banks recently) And is it reasonable for a club (Arsenal) with £318M debt really critise a club with none? Could Arsenal pay the debt back if it was demanded? Not at all, so if the facility is ever withdrawn it would be in the same trouble as Leeds et al. Now remind me who saved Leeds? Oh yes 'Uncle' Ken.

1979gooner said...

What scary words.

Calling a criminal a criminal is not libel.

The day Chelsea becomes a non-loss making business then you have a right to respond with such crass statements.


GunnerPete said...

Anonymous of 3rd Jan...well mate no wonder you withold your name! You site Henry Norris of what date??? Christ sunshine you are desperate. I dont think any of the comments re; Uncle are even the slightest libeless because all the dirty work done in Russia is now in the open and I for one not only would not want him or his money (as that is the only way Chelski or Man City could ever hope to 'win' a trophy ie BUY IT') but his mate who is trying to get his grubby hands on AFC will only try to do the same. We at AFC want to continue to aquire kids from all over and give them the chance to become super stars. Arsene has done this for over 12 years now to the great benefit of the UK and of course our club. As for the debt...what a laugh you are dont let facts get in the way of your daydreams son...Fact...AFC have a seperate company for the build of the supe stadium (best in Europe not paid for with dirty oil money) and our old stadium iwll pay for 85% of that debt....the rest is paid for out of gate receipts.. Chelski can only get some crooked money to pay of the bad management year after year. So up yours mate.