Friday 22 January 2010

Unfortunate Gibbs, Smalling and Bolton's war crimes

Kieran Gibbs' run of bad luck has continued with the news that he is to undergo surgery on the first metatarsal fracture that he sustained against Standard Liege in the Champions League back in November. From a medical perspective it is slightly strange that he has a non healing first metatarsal fracture, given that it was operated on initially. If the fracture was bad enough to need surgery initially then one would have expected the fracture to have been fixed at that point to improve the chances of it healing. Either way it is very unlucky for Gibbs as 1st metatarsal fractures rarely have problems healing and the the surgery that he now requires is a much bigger deal involving bone graft and several months waiting for it to heal. There is a small chance that the fracture will in fact have healed when it is opened up for the surgery, this can sometime happen, stranger things have happened.

The above interview with Arsene Wenger is well worth a viewing, his comments about the infamous and rather nothingy Gallas tackle are full of sense and perspective, the exact opposite of Bolton's manager's, players' and supporters' comments since the game. If Gallas' tackle was an assault then I think Bolton should be put on trial in Le Hague for the war crimes that they have committed in previous seasons against us. Rather interestingly Arsene was very coy when asked if he had made enquiries about Chris Smalling, the young and powerful Fulham defender, Arsene said it was important that nothing came out until a player had been signed, he had a rather large grin on his face, so watch this space. There is some good injury news in that Abou Diaby's calf injury is only minor, so he shouldn't be out for too long, Bacary Sagna has a dodgy shoulder so he will also miss at least the Stoke game, who on earth will play at right back against Stoke is anyone's guess?

Finally in Africa Cameroon have drawn their final game against Zambia, while Gabon have lost to Zambia, this leaves three teams on four points: Cameroon, Zambia and Gabon. All these sides have won and drawn one amongst themselves, and all three sides have a balanced goal difference of zero. I presume Gabon will go out based on their lower goals scored, damn that means Cameroon squeeze through to fight another day.


Pat said...

Pssst, Cameroon drew Tunisia. Unless Zambia played 2 games today?!?!


Rhinogooner said...

I'm really beginning to sweat on Arsenal bringing in a DM in the transfer window.

It is patently obvious to anyone that watches Arsenal with discernment that we are weak in this area without Song. And to risk our chances of winning something this season by leaving us exposed in this area is criminal and negligent.

We've managed to gloss over this weakness against the lower lights. But the better quality teams will take advantage of it and it won't be as easy to outscore them.

Mr. Wenger must stop sacrificing our chances of silverware in vain attempts to prove us all wrong about certain players that are just not good enough. He continues to jeopardize our solidity as a team by playing these liabilities.

Now I do credit Mr. Wenger with brilliance for even managing to get these players achieving what they have so far this season. But his stubbornness is going to cost us in the run in, just like it did two seasons ago, if he doesn't bring one or two first team players.

It doesn't have to be a long term signing. A loan deal or short term contract for a 30+ year old player that knows how to win things, would suffice.

I don't know about the rest of you, but the thought of Denilson playing DM against Stoke in the cup, Porto in the Champions League, and Villa, Man U, Chelsea and Liverpool in the league, gives me nightmares. I'd prefer Eastmond or Coquelin to be honest.

What price Flamini returning till the end of the season?

Come on Gaffer, do it! You know it makes sense.

Ted said...

There is a school of thought that says its only against the worse teams that you need big hard bastards at DM, and that against pretty teams like Porto, and frankly Manure these days, the match is not won in those areas, or by those sorts of players.

Its certainly a view that AW seems to have.

And although I would pick Song every game, I am also told that AW really does see great things in Denilson.

And for large parts of last season I agreed.

Now, we can all bleat about Denilson's weaknesses, and his performance against Everton was abysmal, but he has been dropped since with a typical AW mystery 'injury'.

I also see that targets mooted of these pages, such as Behrami, are being quoted at fees of 15m squid to Man Citeh.which is a complete joke.

So I say stick with it. Its not as if Denilson is first choice. He is a decent squad player and seems committed to the cause, which is more than can be said for Flamini (unfortunately).

1979gooner said...

I'd prefer to see Eastmond ahead of Denilson as a defensive CM too.

1979gooner said...

I agree that Denilson is a decent squad player, I just don't think he can play defensive CM.

He is a good back up to Cesc or he can play as part of a Cesc-Song-DEnilson trio.

I do not see him playing in that deep role though, he just can't defend and never has done well.

Rhinogooner said...

I don't have any personal disdain for Denilson. He seems a decent chap. I want him, nay, I will him, to perform well for Arsenal.

But, in view of his total performances since he's arrived at Arsenal, and with as much impartiality as I can employ, I do not rate Denilson as good enough in any department for Arsenal. Not even as a squad player. He is average at best in every category.

I could rattle 10 names off the top of my head of Premiership midfielders from clubs placed 5-20 in the table, that would be better in our squad than Denilson.

I don't even think top flight is his speed. First division or perhaps top flight in another country, but not in the Prem. I honestly don't think there is another club in the Prem that would want Denilson.

I know this all sounds very harsh. And it is. I can be harsh. But I think these are fair and accurate statements.

I wish Denilson the best. I hope he goes on to have a glittering career. And I would be well chuffed to see him prove me wrong. Song certainly did and I happily admit it. Because above all else, I want Arsenal to win trophies.

Anonymous said...

denilson has a nice interception that led to rosicky's goal.

the tackle for penalty was bad, but every defensive player has done that at some time or the other...

denilson is a champ.


Anonymous said...

Denilson is a handy player, no Cesc, but he is not a DM. He is simply not a great defensive player.