Thursday 7 January 2010

The return of a legend - PV4

As legends go PV4 is one of the biggest that I've had the pleasure to watch play for the Arsenal, I remember his debut at home to Sheffield Wednesday vividly to this day, he came on and changed the game, his raw athleticism and silky skills combined to devastating effect, back then this kind of player just wasn't known to the English game. He was one of Arsene's very first signings and one of the best. From that moment PV4 proceeded to cement himself as one of the greatest central midfielders in world football with several outstanding years of trophy winning at Arsenal. He had everything, he was strong, quick, an excellent dribbler, a brilliant defender, he never gave up and always gave his all, not a bad shot on him either. He left at the age of 30 and many of us were gutted at the time, but in retrospect it looks a very wise piece of business.

Paddy has won three Serie A titles whilst with Inter Milan, that is not the whole story though, he has barely managed fifty appearances for Inter in the last three and a half years, he has been dogged by injury and is clearly not the player he once was. He is now on the verge of joining Manchester City on an 18 month deal. I feel rather apathetic at the move if I'm honest. It is sad to see PV4 return to these shores because I don't really want to see him play here for someone else, I also don't want to see such a legend struggling on the pitch because he is not the midfield titan than he once was. In Italy he was out of sight out of mind as it were, as his performances faded it was so far away that it didn't affect my memory of the man. I wish Paddy well, and I will try to forget what he does in a Man City shirt as rapidly as possible.

Elsewhere the transfer rumour mill is producing some absolutely hilarious rubbish. Another good reason for getting rid of this stupid transfer window nonsense is that it would mean that we'd only have a summer silly season, not a bloody winter one too. It seems to be the time of year for Club chairmen and agents to start spouting drivel in order to make a quick buck. 40 million Euros for Zarate, you're having a laugh guv'! Gonzalo Higuain from Madrid, you are a bloody hallucinating nutter in the need of some serious medication. Tomas Rosicky is back for Everton, as are Denilson and Andrei Arshavin. Everton at home, I can't wait.

Bolton fans have not been given another reason to hate us as the Pope hates the devil, we have refunded anyone stupid enough to travel down to London to watch Bolton play Arsenal (that's a joke to any Bolton fans reading). The rumour is that the game was actually cancelled because Kevin Davies forgot his cushioned elbow pads which he is obliged to wear by law, this stems back to a hospital visit when Kevin took a young child's head off 'by accident', since then the protective gear is mandatory for any non footballing activity where the public may be at risk.


Anonymous said...

aaah PV4... makes me all warm inside watching those and all those fabulous assists from Dennis

I wish Paddy the best of luck - let's hope he teaches Adebayor some manners

weg said...

Paddy's the biggest legend I've ever seen at Highbury as well.... I'm talkin' downtown!

Anonymous said...

We Love you Patrick - Always in our Hearts!!

Footy Mad said...

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Obsinho said...

No idea why City need Paddy, and I can't really see him playing that regularly.

Seen Fabregas rumours are starting again - at what point can we actually get Barca done by UEFA?

1979gooner said...

If Barca kidnap Cesc then I still think UEFA would say that they could do nothing.

Ted said...

I wish Paddy all the best at Citeh. It would be great for him to play his way back into the France squad.

It also makes me proud to be a Gooner that we have refunded the Bolton fans travel costs. I don't think any other club would have done that. So well done Arsenal.

1979gooner said...


I wonder how grateful the Bolton fans are? I bet not as grateful as they should be!