Wednesday 13 January 2010

Exclusive: Eastmond signs on and Cesc back for Bolton

Before you read any further there is a deliberate irony in the use of the word exclusive in the title of this thread. 'Exclusive', when referring to a news story, generally means that this story has only been released to one news source. Obviously the story that Craig Eastmond has signed a new long term deal at the club is about as exclusive to anotherarsenalblog as the news that the UK are at war in Afghanistan or that Kevin Davies' elbows are lethal weapons.

Blogging has changed the way the media works, it is a completely unregulated form of information, even less regulated than the wildly inaccurate Wikipedia. This means that anything one reads should be taken with a pinch of salt. It also means that those who write should respect the etiquette of the web, and part of that for me is that anything that is written about is sourced.

For example the completely second hand Craig Eastmond story is from, as is the story about Cesc coming back from the Bolton game is also from the club's site. I know this is a particularly anal point but stories shouldn't just be pinched, then passed off as one's own, and these days the Internet makes it pretty obvious when one tries to do that. Sorry for boring you with my anally retentive ranting, that is something that is rather exclusive to anotherarsenalblog.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed that blog, actually. What worries me is that the very Arsenal fans that criticize the media are themselves becoming susceptible to the endless amount of bullshit from the red-tops, not to mention the shamelessly anti-Arsenal Daily Mail. Certain blogs, such as Le Grove, and particularly Arsenal Action, are prone to this.

dude said...

blogs such as and should take note. I take my hat off to you.

Ted said...

Well done 1979. Cracking stuff. Great pun on 'exclusive' at the end.

I don't believe it. Clearly the january transfer window is getting to us all in more ways than expected.

Its a beautiful thing.

Ted said...

P.s. On the basis of this posting alone, I have torn up my 'please send 1979 back to work, his posts are shite' petition.

That said, and it pains me to admit this, signature levels in the City of London were not that high.

WEG said...

I really don't know what the fuss is about exclusivity. Unless you own Arsenal FC, or have the media clout to conduct interviews with players, we're all plagiarising in one form or another.

The thing about the blog format - and what most Arsenal blogs fail to realise - is that it's set up for opinion. Bloggers don't have the a duty to report what's going on in the world. They're there to comment about the news.

For example, I don't go on gunnerblog to read about Cesc's comeback or Campbell's signature. I go on it to read the comments about how fucked in the head Wenger is, and why we're never going to read anything again. Oh, and to talk about my enormously large penis.

1979gooner said...

cheers Ted, back at work now so the repetitive and tedious rants will become slightly more intermittent,

connolly's agent,

i agree on the whole,

there are some occassions when one should quote a source,

and claiming 'exlusivity' should mean something

that's all i was trying to say,


Obsinho said...

In the Fantasy world of football blogs, where transfer targets are plucked from the air like panini stickers, I wonder if there is some business to be done with Everton?

They want Big Phil, and they want cash. We have cash and Big Phil and want a defensive midfielder. They have a few of those, one with a huge affro who I love. Now they are not going to sell him midseason, but if we chuck Phil and big money then they won't argue.

But they have others who would also do a great job. Now I know nothing about football transfers, and assume (in fact this is the one thing I know) it is nothink like I think it is, but the tidiness of the above deal may be useful.

I'll swap a Gullit for a Baggio with some chewing gum on the corner if anyone is interested though....