Wednesday 20 January 2010

Speaking manure, common in football

It's really quite amazing how a lot of people open their mouths without engaging the brain. I was just listening to the radio last night and heard fat Sam Allardyce talking ahead of their second leg match against Villa. Obviously fat Sam has an average set of cloggers playing for him at Blackburn and he wants to reduce expectations but he went a little far in his interview. He said that Villa on top form would beat anyone in the Premiership, now it would be reasonable to say that Villa on top form would be a good match for any side, or that Villa on top form would wipe the floor with Blackburn, but to say that Villa on top form are the best around is utter manure. Why the journalist didn't pick him up on this I have no idea.

Then I heard George Gillette, Liverpool's co-owner, on the radio today. Obviously he wants to pretend that all is not quite as bad as it appears at Anfield, however the level to which he stooped with his propaganda was ridiculous. Apparently Liverpool's form is just a 'blip' and this is all the fault of lady luck who has dealt them a 'curved ball' portion of it. Gillette went on to cite Sunderland's beach ball goal as a turning point, ignoring the fact that Sunderland were by far the better side over the ninety that day. He then talked of Torres as the best striker in the world, well that's not a bad claim, then he started taking the michael by claiming Gerrard was the best midfielder in Europe, maybe the best at beating the shit out of people for no decent reason. Liverpool get a couple of injuries to their key players and they are left with a squad of mediocrity. Look at the injuries Arsenal and Manu have had this season, our seasons are not crumbing as Liverpool's is, they have do depth, simple as that.

There have been some good Manu games recently, the Leeds cup game was a good one, Fergie's face a joy to behold at the final whistle, then last night watching them fall at City was a good way to spend an evening. The stories coming out concerning the Glazer's borrowing and Manu's debts make for some very scary reading indeed, personally I don't think they should have been allowed to do what they have done to a football club.

Meanwhile UEFA have felt the need to produce a team of the year, unsurprisingly the strongest league in Europe only has two players in this mighty team. It's a bit like the world player of the year award, it always goes to a glamorous name from a glamorous club, how well they have played comes secondary in terms of importance. UEFA's team contains a right back who can't defend, Alves, a centre back who looks distinctly average against a good striker, Puyol, and a goalkeeper whose side did nothing of note last year, Casillas. The world and European governing bodies have always been biased towards the Italian and Spanish leagues, players like Vidic, Rooney and Torres are far better than some of those in UEFA's side.

Onto Bolton tonight, we need another three points, Walcott and Denilson are back but Nasri, Merida and Ramsey are all out. I'd imagine Denilson will start ahead of Eastmond, while Rosicky may well make way for Walcot and Traore for Clichy. I can't see too many other changes to the side. It will be key that we defend well, as conceding first will play into Bolton's hands, I hope Denilson can up his defensive game and prove me wrong.


Anonymous said...

We all knw how UEFA like to kiss the rumps of both barca and real,all you can do is laugh.

Boris Godunov said...

No matter how I dislike Liver, I'd be glad if they complete the top four this season. Seeing Man City or Spuds in CL would piss me off. The big four monopoly should remain and Liver have my little vote of confidence. As far as team of the year, or player for that matter, I don't give a shit about that. Players of the Great Arse never stand a chance in that category unless they manage to win CL. Good luck to all the gooners and I hope Bolton will burn in hell for their ugly game approach.