Monday 18 January 2010

Briefest of posts

So the dust settles on our 2-0 win and we'll have to get up to do it all over again. The bad news is that Fran Merida sprained an ankle and is out, the good news is that Walcott and Denilson return. This will probably mean that Walcott will start on the right of the front three and Denilson will come in for the impressive Eastmond. Gael Clichy will probably start at left back after his long absence as a result of his recurrent back injury. The only other bit of bad news I've spotted amidst the tons of transfer manure is that Cameroon recovered to beat Zambia 3-2, damn, Alex Song may not be coming home early after all.


Ted said...

I just don't get how so many of our players suffer from injuries. How the hell can Merida play 20 mins, suffer no apparent knocks, shows no sign of limping, and then is out.

Cesc's injury against Villa was obviously different. He clearly strained a hammy.

Are most of our players pussies, or is our physio dept far more cautious (or inept) after Gary Lewin left us?

Obsinho said...

I have no issue with proper injuries, but Theo's constant back "problems", Denilson's "back" problems and whatever the hell is wrong with Rosicky - those injuries annoy me a lot.

The Merida one is very strange, but Wengers terminology was quite pointed that he "got kicked" early on. So I'd imagine some clogger gave him a big hoof on the ankle and it has bruised up good and proper.

Anonymous said...

maybe AW is training those poor guys too hard. should give em a day off and tell them to go have a pint.