Sunday 22 August 2010

Tangerine dreams

You simply can't argue with that. A fantastic team performance combined with so many excellent individual performances. You can only beat what is in front of you and that's precisely what we did yesterday. The starting eleven was close to my prediction, Djourou obviously wasn't 100% so Song came in at centre back, Rosicky in for Nasri in midfield, Walcott for Eboue on the right. It was particularly good to see Jack Wilshere keep his starting place. It was also good to hear a great reception for Manuel Almunia from the vast majority of fans with brains.

There were some early warning signs for Blackpool, Walcott's pace and movement was threatening, Arshavin was looking more dangerous than last week, Chamakh came close when he side footed one narrowly wide after Walcott's excellent through ball. The opener was fantastic, some great work from Arshavin saw a lovely slotted pass to Walcott who finished neatly first time. The game was over as a context moments later, a perfectly timed run saw Chamkh clear, Evatt's tackle from behind left the referee with no option, the Blackpool player was dismissed and Arshavin was clinical from the spot. I sympathise with Ian Holloway because the rule is stupid, it is double punishment, a penalty goal would be far fairer.

Walcott added a third shortly after with a neat turn and low finish. It was three nil at the break and the Blackpool keeper had played well, pulling off a couple of top saves. It has to be said that Blackpool had a cracking chance with the game at one nil, Sagna was off having recieved treatment, the right back slot lay vacant and a great left footed cross saw Clichy not do enough to challenge Taylor-Fletcher, who headed just wide when he should have scored. After half time Diaby added a lovely fourth with a well timed first time shot from an excellent Sagna cross. Walcott completed a brilliant hat-trick with a dribble followed by an unstoppable left footed effort. Chamakh got in on the act late on with a powerful downward header from a well whipped RVP corner.

The most impressive thing was the togetherness of the team, when a player was injured there was genuine concern, when a goal was scored there was a proper team celebration, there was no moaning when a pass was misplaced, it was all positive and encouraging. The team also worked terrifically hard, Blackpool were pressed so hard when they had the ball, the work rate was there.

Individually there were also some fantastic showings. Walcott was awesome, direct, quick, clever with the ball and clinical in front of goal. Chamakh linked up the play so well, his movement and work ethic top rate. Arshavin was much better, I feel he may well have lost a bit of confidence in recent months and this seemed to be returning after his goal. Rosicky was so good that no one noticed Cesc's absence, so much good came through his clever movement and passing. Wilshere impressed with a disciplined display, he played deep, was neat in possession, fought hard for the ball on numerous occasions, it was a very good all round midfield display.

There were few negatives. Song is clearly not a centre back, positionally he was caught out on several occasions and this would have been punished against a better side. Clichy doesn't look the most solid to me at the moment, he was caught napping a few times and was not physically robust enough at times. In contrast I thought Sagna was much more aggressive and robust.

Amazingly there is this idiotic minority of Arsenal fans who still had time to moan and whinge yesterday. Whether it was trying to blame Almunia for something or other, or slagging off Walcott for his one stray pass. Some people do really need a good baseball bat around the head at times, to watch such a fine display at home and still be so negative, it really takes a special kind of w*nker to be that dismal. Maybe they're just incredibly stupid and have been spoilt over recent years, even so there is no excuse for it and I would encourage anyone at a game this season who sees this kind of behaviour to openly challenge these morons. I have had enough of them and if they are negative after a 6-0 win then they should f*ck off and let someone else watch the game who would derive some enjoyment from it. Maybe these individuals have wives that aren't putting out, if this is the case then may I suggest that they swap their season tickets for cash which they can then spend down the local brothel.

Overall a cracking win and three points on the board early doors, just what was needed. No doubt there will be much bigger tests around the corner than Blackpool, Blackburn away next weekend will be tough. They are a big physical side who will rely on long balls and set pieces, this is the kind of game in which we need to prove we have the defensive capacity this year. Anyway enough of that, let's enjoy the moment, it's not often you see six goals slotted in at home.


The Law said...

Someone commented on a site that the game should have ended 15-0, and we were, accordingly, crap for not making it so.

Some fans, eh?

1979gooner said...

It is unbelievable!

Some people will never be happy, they are too stupid to see any context in anything.

They are the same people who would moan even when we went the season unbeaten or won numerous trophies.

Sad sad bastards.

Anonymous said...

great game.
good write up.

and there are people that will be unhappy no matter what. i'm sure when the silverware is produced, they will claim it would have come in earlier had their philosiphies been followed.


Anonymous said...

Pathetic performance, miss after only kidding

I see Squillaci is heading in, looks like Arsene see's the need for another centre half, sensible stuff, I applaud you mr Wenger