Monday 2 August 2010

Have Barca been feeding false quotes to the press?

I happened to come across this story on Goonertalk this afternoon. Basically Carlos Puyol has come out to deny some quotes attributed to him in the English media:

“Hi everyone, these past days a British news media outlet has published some statements supposedly mine that are totally false, I just saw them and I can guarantee that I have not said anything nor talked to anybody about this subject. Cheers.”

I just wonder how many of the quotes which have appeared in the papers over this summer have been made up? It is strange that so many players who were away on holiday happened to be providing quotes to unsettle Cesc Fabregas by talking of how keen he was to join Barca. These quotes were exactly what Barcelona Football Club wanted to see and I don't think this is just a coincidence.

It would not beggar belief if Barcelona FC had been feeding some fake quotes to the press in order to buy Cesc Fabregas on the cheap. It is either that or the club has been encouraging players to unsettle Cesc by speaking to the media. Either way it is a low place to stoop. The Spuds have been up to the same scummy tricks in their pursuit of Scott Parker, this kind of deliberate media leak in order to unsettle a player who is under contract with another club is not impressive, it's hardly surprising as Harry Redknapp has made a career of behaving like a classless chav. I would also conclude by guessing that Daniel Levy is from the same c*nt tree as Joan Laporta.


Anonymous said...

I think it's more than likely the papers making these up. Barca could feed quotes to the spanish press easily but you really think they could get away with that in english papers

goonanon said...

Or maybe the English press are a bunch of lying twats. I think you are trying to make this whole ordeal into some ridiculous conspiracy. How would Barca feeding fake quotes to the media reduce Cesc's price tag? By spewing rubbish like this you are devaluing your blog.

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear. Can the arsenal fans stop moaning??? You're a small club and are so scared about what other clubs will say when your best player (barely an international) leaves. It's like an ugly guy having a decent looking girlfriend, and he's always jealous when other guys are around her. Arsenal have a massive inferiority complex. Build a bridge and get over it. You'll never have the same history or glamour of the top Spanish, Italian even german teams. (even though you may be better than a lot of them)

1979gooner said...

anonymous 2026

what utter crap you write

inferiority complex?

all that is being said is how badly some clubs are behaving, it is irrelevant of size or nationality or anything else

seeing as you are so keen to talk of history, this is perhaps why we at Arsenal are one of the few clubs to give a sh*t for doing things the right way, we are a club of tradition and I think we do try to go about things with a certain decorum that others like Barca do not

this is the point, personally I think doing things the right way is one of the most important things of all and comments like your show how far removed you are from a decent philosophy or modus operandi

Anonymous said...

This blog is spot on! The British press are reporting the Spanish press, in particular those papers which seem to be an arm of Barca's PR department.

Of course the Barca squad didn't queue up to give a quote every other day one by one which just by coincidence keeps up the pressure on Cesc to hand in a transfer request and request it even if the price isn't too good for Arsenal - Barca's PR department wrote the quotes and timed the releases so as to keep the story going.

They do it every time: Xavi says I'd love to play with him, then a few days later Messi says I'm sure he'll be with us next season and then a day or two later Iniesta says he's got such pretty eyes I think I'll die if I'm not with him next season at a price that's not too high seeing as how we have over £300m debt etc.

Anonymous said...

Yes an inferiority complex. You are just blind to it. For every "tapping" quote that appears in the news there is at least 20 separate sites that simultaneously start chucking their toys out of the pram. It's embarrassing to read articles like this by grown men (I assume they are men). Let him go. Let it go. He's just another player. (who you stole off them anyway) hopefully he has in his contract that if you don't get into the champions league he can leave without all fans having a hissy fit.

hedgewire said...

hello goonanon, its plain to see that by unsettling Cesc he'll ask for a transfer an barca have already said they only have possibly 50 million euro so........ therefore thats what Arsenal will be lucky to get, hey presto barca have reduce his price tag.

Ivan said...

The anonymouse one has the inferiority complex. Its obvious s/he is a spud. No other fan of another club would give a monkeys as much.

Of course Barca feed the Catalan press just as Real feed marca and the like. Its just a shame her Majesty's gutter press are sooooooo lazy and agenda driven.

The daily Mail simpl,y cannot wait to translate and copy verbatim the baseless nonsense in the Spanish media.

And before the over sensitve anonymouse spud gets all flustered again, lets just remember Real Madrid did exactly the same to Man Utd and I recall Fergie being up in arms about their conduct too, but United are a tiny little insignificant club as well aint they spud?

Anonymous said...

Even if cesc did ask for a transfer and hand in a transfer request. it would have no bearing on the fee. We would still be within our rights to demand what we felt his valuation was.

Anonymous said...

that's partly the point. no one else can be bothered to keep pressing this point, so why do you guys, keep banging on about it? look at the comments here

Such hatred being spewed. Incredible. If you were that cool and confident about your club, you wouldn't be that shaken by this.

you need to understand that what he feels for Barca, isn't the same as for example if he was a Chelsea fan from birth and his family are all from "chelsea". There is still a lot of pain felt in Catalan families from the Civil war and ensuing repression of their culture. Fabregas says his Grand Dad took him to games. His Grand Dad would have been in the thick of the war, and it's no wonder he's grown up with a desire to play for the team. the team that represents a nation, a language, a culture. Not just a plot of land in London, where albeit he's grown and been very well taught and looked after and given the chances he probably wouldn't have had at Barca.

i'm not a spurs fan. just can't understand the hate flying around.

Kxevin said...

Wow. For the English papers to have picked up what the Barca-centric press reported, those entities would have to have reported it. As a daily viewer of Sport and El Mundo Deportivo, that didn't happen, which leaves us wondering where the quotes came from. The notion suggested by this post is mind-boggling.

1. Why? Fabregas wants to leave.
2. Why? Arsenal don't want to sell, and player quotes won't affect that.
3. Why? Player quotes won't affect Fabregas price which, by rights, should be between 45-50m, and not a penny more.
4. If the Daily Mail has an exclusive from a Barca player, we should we skeptical. Our players talk to Sport or EMD, then others pick it up from them.

I don't understand the hate either, but I'm a Barca fan. Fabregas either wants to leave or he doesn't. He hasn't publicly said either, yet. But even if he does, Wenger has said the matter is closed. We've said we respect that desire, so that's that. The rest is the press not letting sleeping dogs lie.

Anonymous said...

Exactly how do you steal a player? What kind of sad person are you that spends his time reading & commenting on the blogs of other teams. Get your binoculars back out & get back to looking at your neighbours undress!

Ivan said...

What hate? I dont see any hate. I see an anomosity for the lazy cliche ridden jaundiced hacks, who do not have the intelligence or imagination or journalistic craft to come up with their own work!

Oh and FC barca are morally and financially skint and run and supported by a bunch of c*nts! Oops, slipped out!

Anonymous said...

you guys are pure class...
want me to spell check that letter just in case you've spelt your name wrong?

Anonymous said...

Looks like we have another friendless spud in need of a hobby.

Anonymous said...

So this a forum/blog where you can post whatever you like as long as it's the same as what arsenal fans would say?
Patting yourselves on the back and saying "oh yeah great point, I was just thinking that myself" etc... It's so blinkered, try and get past this because herd mentality is a dangerous thing.

I'm not a spurs fan but I know all teams act in the same manner with matters relating to their team. It was enlightening hearing your biased views.

Ivan said...


I think she doth protest too much. Im not a spud honest guv.

What IS your point? No, not on this blog, but in general?

Anonymous said...

The Spud here is the worst troll ever.

1979gooner said...


you clearly have a problem with Arsenal, why I don't know and frankly I don't care,

what is clear is Barca's underhand systematic tactics of destabilising a player whilst under contract,

all the quotes in the Spanish press (from 8 players) may well have been fed by Barca, it is a very likely explanation,

actually other than coming on this thread and showing your own inferiority complex, are you going to comment on Barca's behaviour?

I doubt it

Barca are behaving appalingly, that's all, defend it if you will, but I don't think you can

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