Tuesday 24 August 2010

Assorted witterings and congratulations spurs

It seems that the Squillaci signing is extremely close, the Is have been dotted and the Ts have been crossed, the one thing that may not have been done is the stocking up of the club shop's supply of the letter Q. He seems to tick all the boxes, most importantly he wants to play for us, he has experience, he is aggressive and he has a good track record. The one thing of interest is who is going to be ahead in the pecking order, Kosceilny or Squillaci? Certainly the competition will be healthy and the squad depth necessary.

'Arry Redknapp seems to be losing what few marbles he had in the first place, or maybe he sold them to pay for William Gallas' wages. His latest quotes on the Gallas signing smack of desperation and are a dishonest misrepresentation of the actual events which took place. Reading between the lines Arsenal wouldn't meet Gallas' ridiculous wage demands and then effectively withdrew from negotiations in order to sign Laurent Koscielny. If 'alfbaked 'Arry thinks spuds fans should feel like they have got one over the 'rsenal then it will be just another episode in their long running delusional series.

The reserves travel to Bolton tomorrow night, it looks like Henri Lansbury is off on loan to Swansea, it would arguably make sense for JET to have another year gaining experience elsewhere. Our latest signing from Brazil now has his own blog, you might want to brush up on your Portugese before visiting though. Jack Wilshere has been slotted back into the U-21s which makes sense to me, it looks like Kieran Gibbs will continue with the seniors emphasising the lack of decent left backs elsewhere in England. I love Andrei Arshavin's blog, it is completely off the wall, in this week's Q&A he talks of classical music, smoking, potential man love with Roman Pavlyuchenko, and this nice banter about the Blackpool fans:

"While playing against Blackpool, you were discussing something with Theo Walcott looking in the direction of the fans of the opposite team.
AA Yes, they are good fellows who supported their team. They didn’t stop doing it even when the score was 0-5. Theo told me: Andrey, do you hear what they are singing about? I asked him to clarify. It turned out that they were singing that the score was 0 - 5, but they will win 6-5. That was funny. I like it when people have a sense of humor when supporting their clubs. My friend was at the match against Liverpool. He said that the fans were hurling insults at each other for the entire match but after the game they left the stadium together and went to London in the same train. There was not a single clash. It was surprising for him."

Brilliant. I wish people would get off his back, he has been plagued by niggling injuries and has been low on confidence, maybe the low confidence can be mistranslated as him lacking work rate at times. He needs people to get behind him because he is unplayable if we can get him confident and fit. The same goes for some of the ridiculous criticism that Almunia has been subjected to. I've read in some orifices that he was to blame for the Blackpool header that flashed wide with the score at 1-0, unbelievable, that cross was not claimable. The majority of decent Gooners will support Almunia when he plays, unfortunately there is still that minority of cretins who always want something to vent their general bitterness at. The 'holic is never bitter and always amusing, agree with him on his little blogging ethics meander.

So you're probably wondering why I'm congratulating spurs, well it's not over the William Gallas transfer, 'alfbaked 'arry has already done the self congratulation and flagellation there. I would like to congratulate spurs on making it through to the final stages of the Champions League. Given that so many spurs players already seem to think they have made it through to the knock out phases, we might as well assume that they brush aside Young Boys 100-0 and get the congratulations over with. So there you are, well done spurs. Look forward to seeing you in the draw on Thursday.

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