Saturday 28 August 2010

The start

I am slightly paralysed away from my computer and typing this brief post from a phone with a moribund battery supply. Today's result away to blackburn is exactly the kind you need to grind out if you are to be in contention come the end of the season.

We showed grit, determination and desire. We played far more like a team than we did in many away games last season. The bottom line is we now have seven points from our opening three games and given how tricky two of these. games are, that is a damn good start.


Anonymous said...

We played better with out RVP & Fabregas, I think our players have now come of age, could be our year to win something!!!

Anonymous said...

Played better? Arsenal cant keep the ball for ten seconds.How can the team lose the ball so much in the 2nd half ,thus giving Blackburn plenty space to draw.They loose possesion the whole match.Stronger teams will punish us.

Uncle Mike said...

That second Anonymous seems not to have noticed that we beat Fat Sam at Blackburn.

"Jesus, Paul! You need medical help! You've got some sort of disease that turns people into miserable bastards!"

Anonymous said...

2nd anon;

Oh do shut the fuck uop and take the stick out of your arse you sad miserable twit!

3 points away from home at a very tricjy fixture (they do well against the top 4 Blackburn you know) and Theo, Diaby, Song played very very well.

But do carry on trying to suck all the joy out of football.


Ted said...

Good point 1979. Beating Fat Sam on the same afternoon as Spurs lose to Wigan at home should fill every Gooner with joy.

The anonymous moaners really need to get a grip. If you find Arsenal this depressing, how on earth do you even begin to talk about something that actually is sad?

Stop moaning and just enjoy watching the mighty Arsenal.

Anonymous said...

looking good.


Anonymous said...

Not bad, especially with the Spuds & Citeh slipping up...but I'm also not going to put on my rose-tinted specs after 3 matches (just yet) - let's see how we're doing by Xmas.