Wednesday 11 August 2010

Is Schwarzer on his bike?

Mark Schwarzer has handed in a transfer request. Mark Hughes will not be keen to let him go but is his arrival at the Emirates now rather likely?

He certainly has experience and has been very solid for Fulham over recent seasons. However question marks do remain over his ability to perform at the highest level, his world cup performances were hardly brilliant and he does not have age on his side. Still, when Lucasz Fabianski has his eyes on the No1 spot I would take anything else. The bonus of signing Schwarzer would be that Szczesny could be groomed to take over in a year or two's time when Schwarzer retires to a coaching role. A solid character with experience may be just what we need at the moment.


RobM said...

If he's "on his bike" then I hope he keeps pedalling past the emirates without even slowing down.

Our problems at the back are not going to be solved by swapping one average keeper for one that's maybe marginally better possibly on a good day if they're lucky.

Anonymous said...

what bike?

cjameliamom said...

or maybe we keep the bike tell Schwarzer keep going, take the bike turn it long ways and put that in goal. If it is a 10 speed or maybe one of those tandem bikes it could be a big improvement over our current keepers......anycrap maybe he is another Van Der Sar but I do not see it. I would rather have Almunia in goal any day. Almunia has some very great attributes "ability" and some very bad ones "mental" but the team love him and I do not think Schwarzer would be an improvement. I think there are only a few players that would be an improvement on Almunia; Van Der Sar, Chech (old Chech), Hart, Given, Reina, That is it in England. Then there is probably 3 in Spain and two in Italy and two in Germany for arguments sake lets say three others spread across earth. My point is there are only about 12 keeepers in the WORLD that would be a true and proven improvement, of those none are on the market. Currently two could come on before trans window closes but that is it. If we do not go for world class keep we should KEEP Almunia number 1..... Anycrap I know alot will not agree but I think this is the situation.

Peace and chicken grease

Anonymous said...

Unless Arsenal get a reliable goalie the coming season is going to end in grief. I do not share Wenger's bullishness that the gunners can win the title.
However anything is possible.The gunners could finally come of age and Alu/fab maybe transformed. But that is along shot.

Anonymous said...

There's little to choose between him and Almunia. Would be pointless to pay money for an old and average keeper. Decent shot stopper but so is Almunia.