Sunday 15 August 2010

Big day and refereeing inconsistency

It simply doesn't need repeating or emphasising, today's game is huge. Arsene reckons whoever he selects in goal today will be our no 1 for the season, so if it's Fabianski then I will be f*cking furious, I just hope and pray we see anyone else in goal other than the hapless Pole. Apparently the keeper will be selected based on pre season form, therefore if Arsene selects Fabianski on this basis I suggest he book himself in at the opticians as a matter of urgency. Arsene seems to be hinting that he will stick some experience in the side where he can, I think it is highly likely Diaby will start while he almost hints that Song is very close to playing as well. We need to defend well and I think our season will be shaped by this game.

I watched bits and bobs from the other Premier League games from yesterday. Chelsea were strong, West Brom were not, Blackpool surprised everyone. I felt Steve Bruce was way out of line with his post match comments about the referee, Anthony Taylor, he deserves to be punished and this kind of criticism should not be accepted. Bruce has only Lee 'the c*nt' Cattermole to blame for his side going down to ten men. He escaped action early on for a clear elbow that left a player bleeding from above the eye, he was then quite rightly booked for a deliberate cynical short tug, he then got his deserved second yellow for a clear rash tackle through the back of Lee Bowyer. Cattermole is a thug, he is a good example of what is wrong with English football.

It sounds like another Arsenal youngster may have a broken leg thanks to out footballing culture and what is allowed by referees. How often does this kind of thing have to happen before people start standing up and taking notice. I thought Kenwyne Jones' injury against Wolves was another classic case in point. Jody Craddock slid in from behind with a huge amount of force, he got a bit of the ball but his non tackling leg came through with a follow through that was deliberately designed to injure. No one has condemned this appalling Craddock tackle and the referee didn't even give a foul for it. It wouldn't surprise me if Gerrard does one of his two footed lunges today and a free kick isn't even given, it will just emphasise what is wrong with our footballing culture in England. No wonder it happens so often when the referees who stand up to the violence get so openly criticised by the likes of Bruce in public with so little protection from the governing bodies such as the FA.


Rhinogooner said...

This match v. pool today could be another 4-4 affair methinks.

Our defensive frailty and lack of a confident keeper that knows how to catch instead of punching everything, will make clean sheets a rare find.

But we should have the ammunition to put a few past Liverpool as well. Especially if Arshavin is firing and Chamahk gets good service.

Anonymous said...

No fracture fortunately, maybe you'd like to update your post just to put Arsenal fans' minds at rest. Cheers

Anonymous said...

You ignorant goat ...if you knew anything about Craddock, you would know he would NEVER intentionally injure an opponent. The reason the ref did not give a foul was because he clearly won the ball & Jones fell awkwardly. It was purely an accident. The challenge did not even warrant a mention/discussion in the post match analysis by the MOTD experts, because that's what they are EXPERTS & they realise it was a fair challenge ...not an ignorant goat like yourself!