Tuesday 31 August 2010

Deadline day exclusive!

I can exclusively reveal that transfer deadline day is an over hyped turd burger which teases and tantalises, but then invariably fails to deliver. One has two choices. One can either waste a perfectly good day listening to incessant gossip and rumour, and in the process become progressively manic and infuriated. Or one can go and do something completely different, ignore the damn transfer deadline and have a look at the deals that have been done after the deadline has passed.

There are pros and cons to both options. If one has nothing at all to do then I suppose frantically staring at a computer screen with teletext on in the background is an option, there are other options like sitting on the bog for a period or having a snooze. Personally I'd rather do anything else than waste a day getting led up the garden path by various agents and tabloid journalists. The sun is shining and I am shortly off to expose myself to some radiation.

Anyway while we're all thinking of the transfer window I'd just like to quickly point out just how stupid and cretinous having a transfer window is. FIFA's reason for a window is that allegedly without it one club may choose to buy another club's best player/s in mid season to alter the outcome of the league. This reasoning is deeply flawed and misguided at best. If one looks back over recent decades it is incredibly rare for clubs to buy a rivals' player in mid season. And so what if it does happen, why the hell not let it happen? As things currently stand it's not as if the window stops the big and richest clubs buying the best players?

The muppets at FIFA would do better to protect smaller clubs from the circling vultures by actually doing something to stamp out the blatant tapping up of players that the big clubs indulge in. FIFA should gets it's act together and start enforcing its rules so that contracts actually mean something. At the moment it is commonplace for clubs to approach agents and players directly, before they have sought permission from the player's club, whether this be by the use of the media, direct contact or both. We saw this summer that FIFA's own website was used for the very purpose, ie the deliberate unsettling of an under contract player by another club. FIFA are a joke, the transfer window is a poorly thought out concept and it is about time FIFA actually started to enforce some of its rules, fat chance this will happen though.


Anonymous said...

Completely agree on the idiocy of the transfer "window". FIFA might want to look at the "loan" regulations. Not only Arsenal, but all of the major Clubs, regularly "loan" out their promising players to rival Premier League Clubs. Surely conflicts of interest going on there? I do not know what the statistics are, cos frankly I cannot be arsed to research them, but I just wonder to what extent a "loaned" player can affect the final table and positions?

Anonymous said...

FIFA know more about football than you you big dilldo

Uncle Mike said...

FIFA does know more about football than the authors of this blog, but they don't care about it one-tenth as much as the authors do.

When FIFA, UEFA and the various national FAs start caring as much as the people who plunk down their quid on tickets, programmes, club-themed clothing, travel to away games, and the rest, then, and ONLY then (and I'm not holding my breath), will it be permissible to invoke their knowledge of the game. Until then, it is the invoker of said knowledge who is the "big dilldo."

1979gooner said...

well said uncle Mike,

indeed FIFA know more than I about the rules of the game and I would be the first to acknowledge this,

still it doesn't make a jot of difference to the point I've made,

FIFA are useless, their refusal to introduce video technology, the transfer window, their lack of consistency when it comes to respecting contracts, etc, there is no shortage of examples of their uselessness

they are also an intrinsically corrupt organisation, the weight of votes is distributed towards smaller countries quite disproportionately and this has resulted in the International game becoming pretty poor over recent years relative to the club game,

so if you are going to come here and comment, at least address the point, at least spell dildo correctly you f*cktard

(f*cktard is an Internet term referring to the annoying Internet troll)