Monday 3 November 2008

Thought for the day

Its a gloomy Monday morning, and gloomy Arsenal fans all over the country are winding their gloomy way to work. I'm one of them.

However, having stopped for a minute to listen to the chuntering of my fellow commuters, it seems our Scouse brethren are also gloomy this morning after being robbed good and proper by the Spudders, that ManUre were surprised at the way they let Hull back in the game and almost dropped two points again, that Chelsea don't know which team will turn up from one week to the next and that Spurs are still in the relegation zone.

History tells us that Arsenal are sometimes at their best when the worst seems about to happen. We are in a spot of the brown stuff at the moment and blind optimism is not going to work alone.

The injury and suspension news is bad. Really bad. But to a certain degree it makes Wenger's job a bit easier this week. There can be no thoughts of rotating the squad much for the Fenerbahce game. Adebayor and Walcott look definitely out and Sagna is a big doubt. RVP is suspended. Wenger needs to decide what his strongest XI is and get their frame of minds in a better place between now and Wednesday evening.

I remember Paul Merson explaining in the early Wenger days the "unbelievable belief" that Wenger gave him as a player. We are monstrously short of that at the moment.

Wenger needs to have a rummage around in the back of the cupboard and see if he has a bottle or two left. I bloody hope he does.


Anonymous said...

Yes co gunner......i totally agree with u....i m also facing dull monday morning blues....i m very sad & scared....i dont want to let it go..JUST YET...i m seeing the week gone by as a BAD DREAM....and being highly optimistic person...i have faith in Wenger...after all he is the manager for the last 12 years...and this is his true test of character..

What frustrates me most is the points we lost against smaller teams...we lost / drew the games we should have won...and i cant c a single player who can emerge a LEADER in the present team...who can lead the team on the field , guide them , encourage them , shout at them...etc etc....Thats the most scariest part....i cant see any player who for sure will score....Its like RVP can score , may be adebyour will etc. But in other teams there is a sure shot guy who will in Man U...we knw ronaldo will score inspite of everything...or in Chelsea Lampard will score....
I cant really say about anyone in Arsenal . My heart bleeds and pains..everytime i c arsenal lose...and i can only hope and pray that ....the week gone by was the BOTTOM MOST WE CAN GO......from there is only UPWARD way....amen :)

Obsinho said...

Just read tis on Arsenal.con from Wenger;

"We did play the taller players but the wind is quite strong in the stadium, it is open on one side.

“That makes our game a little more difficult.”

That is the worst excuse ever. Embarassing is not even close to it.

Anonymous said...

We don't even try to win, what is the excuse for that??

Si said...

I'm just trying to forget about it and I'm looking forward to Wedneday's game.
Regarding Saturday...A dreadful, dreadful result in a dreadful, dreadful part of England.