Saturday 22 November 2008

Supporting Arsene and the lads

It seems that some people have rather short memories and a very distorted sense of perspective, we are certainly not having a good season thus far, but things could certainly be far far worse, we could be as bad as Tottenham, just think what some of our so called supporters would be calling for then, it doesn't bear thinking about really, does it?

Piers Morgan and his ilk are the kind of supporter that AFC could do without, so I suggest if anyone reading this agrees with this Daily Wail article and thinks that Arsene should be sacked then they should either become Rugby supporters or they should book themselves into the nearest mental hospital for a rather vigorous dosing of sedatives to calm their deranged rage. It's easy to call for knee jerk impractical reactions like sacking the manager or bringing in top class monster centre backs who can take on whole armies single handed.

Now is not the time to be getting rid of our manager even if we hypothetically assumed that was a better replacement available, which there clearly is not by the way; we should remember that he is the one man that has the skill and know how to turn this situation around, he is the man that many of our young players are counting on to lead us through this bad spell, he is a fantastic leader and although he's made his mistakes, it would be deeply foolish to even consider getting rid of Arsene now. In fact I am embarrassed that so called Arsenal supporters are so very fickle, they should be ashamed, it wasn't long ago that quite a few glory supporting Manu fans were calling for Fergie's head, I guess that's modern football for you.

It's easy to support your club when everything is going well, but it's rather more testing when the going gets a little tough, in fact it's much easier to start slagging the team off rather than trying to get behind the players and actually support them. Apparently Arsene wants Gallas to apologise to his team mates, that's the very least he could do in my opinion, but if he should choose to apologise and try to mend the damage that has been done then we should try to get behind him if he should ever take the field as an Arsenal player again. Yesterday was not good enough, I know, however do you not think that our young players and manager would do better with our support rather than our incoherent calls to get rid of the lot of them?

In fact Piers the season is a very long way from being over, although you probably won't call yourself an Arsenal supporter if we should finish outside the top four, I would still be proud to be a Gooner no matter where we finished, we have a little game against a certain side from Kiev on Tuesday and I think our players could do with our support then.


Anonymous said...

Let it go, this team is finished.

Lost Soul said...

I agree with you. We need to be helping this team out, and if the crowd turns on them like in shite hart lane, I'd be mighty disappointed. I'd just like to see him give jack and ramsey a go in the team. I know they're extremely young, but they're ready and capable of helping us in our current position. It seems odd that we need to turn to a 17 yr old and a soon to be 17 yr old but thats our policy now, so we might as well stick to it.

1979gooner said...

What do you mean:

'Let it go, this team is finished.'?

You're not making yourself clear.

If you're suggesting that we stop supporting the players because they are not going through a good patch then I'd say you're one of those supporters who aren't much help.

It's fine to criticise sensibly but not supporting the players at games is unproductive, as booing and jeering unperformers is.

Anonymous said...

Gallas doesn't have anything to apologize for. they are all big men, they can handle his words which are either true, false or irrelevant.

if they are true, then the rest of the team can go out and get tough and start winning.

if they are false, they are false, whats their to worry about, same with if they are irrelvant.

what gallas needs to do is: Keep playing, and get back to his best level, and just keep his mouth shut (b/c there can't be anything else to say.)

1979gooner said...

I disagree, he should apologise.

It's bad enough if a player blabs about dressing room stuff to the media, but when that player is club captain it makes it even more unnacceptable.

It's an unwritten rule broken and although stuff happens in the dressing room all the time, it should not be revealed in public, it undermines the team.

It shows that Gallas is and never was captain material, a proper captain would never have done what Gallas has.

Anonymous said...

ok, he was not meant to be captain, and AW got that wrong by making him captain and keeping him captain.

as far as whether he should apologize, if it is dressing room stuff that should stay dressing room stuff (and you do have a good point), then they can all resolve it in the dressing room.

my point is the rest of the team shouldn't be too concerned about what he said, right? Hasn't everyone already said WG is a nut and crazy? who listens to a crazy person? why are the team's feeling hurt by what WG said?

I just think, if they are professional, and if what WG did was wrong, then the rest of the team has to be professional too instead of sitting around and crying about it or feeling sad? is that's whats going on.

does Almunia have to apologize everytime he screams at Clichy for screwing up? Are Clichy's feelings hurt?

If WG does apologize, he should apologize for making it public, not what he said.

1979gooner said...

I agree, he should apologise for speaking of dressing room stuff in the media, it just shouldn't come out.

Fights and arguments are commonplace, but they need to be left in the dressing room and on the training ground.

Bitching in the press a la Gallas is utterly unnacceptable.

Anonymous said...

I think Arsenal could still put in a good run in the Champions League...that will probably be the focus now...and keeping 4th.

K man said...

Good luck to new captain Cesc Fabregas. I think he'll make a good captain - at least he seems to have the respect of the team and also he really wanted the job. It will be interesting to see how Gallas plays now - he can either show true character or ruin the rest of his career with bitterness.

Anonymous said...

I hope Gallas shows the same winning character he showed last time Arsenal played Dynamo Kiev - scoring the tying goal in the 90th minute.... whew, at least Champions league is going alright. knock on wood.