Saturday 1 November 2008

Stoke 2 Arsenal1

A miserable result at Stoke and there is no hiding from it. I didn't see the game live but according to the commentary, Arsenal were dreadful and fully deserved the zero points we obtained.

Talk of title hopes should now be well forgotten. Some us were ready to write this Arsenal team off some time ago. I was so despondent after the West Brom game that I was one of them. Its not something I'm pleased to have been correct about.

For those of you now facing up to the fact that Arsenal will not win the league this year, the next few days will be extremely painful. I suggest whisky, beer, shouting, swearing, and then maybe some more beer.  I'll see you on the other side on Monday or Tuesday. You will feel a lot better for it.

Some people will want to see blood for this. Everyone likes a scapegoat and the usual suspect is the manager. Its also going to be a big period for Arsene Wenger. He made a massive gamble on Denilson in the summer and I think its backfired big time. Not that a blame Denilson, as such, its just that he can't replace Gilberto or Flamini. Wenger never seemed to really rate either of them but for my money, allowing both Flamini and Gilberto to go was the big mistake. 

I won't be joining in the calls for sackings or retribution. It hurts a lot to say this but Arsenal's priorities now need to refocus quite drastically. I suspect this result is really just the fall-out from the disappointment and blame that followed Spurs' escape on Wednesday night. Wenger needs to get the players focused for next week, otherwise a bad performance against Fenerbahce and ManUre next week and Wenger's head will be on the block. 


Anonymous said...

I'm a Stoke fan and, I can quite honestly say we were not expecting that result. We are just glad to be playing Premiership football and a result is a bonus, I hope your season improves and you finish above man utd. Unlucky Arsenal

Si said...

We were poor. And the fact that all week Wenger has been saying that the team should not focus too much on Delap's throws... Beyond belief. A fucking awful week, six goals against from two teams who are hardly Real Madrid and Inter. We are now in a crisis, there is no way around it, we're in the shit and the manager has to invest in a decent centre back, a goalkeeper and defensive midfielder. Just because we play some of the greatest football the world has ever seen (sometimes), it doesn't mean that we can have a completely different footballing philosophy to the other top sides. We need stronger players and experienced players as well as creative flair.

Obsinho said...

I did see the game live, and again what struck me was the lack of professionalism, and real quality.

From Stoke's first goal we held the ball (or seemed to I haven't seen the stats) for huge stretches of play and did nothing. No urgency, no width, no real desire to go out and get the win from the game.

Van Persie's sending off was harsh, but so stupid it hurts. He was clearly very pissed off but to show it that way rather than by twatting it into the back of the net was so naive.

One last thing. When are we ever going to win an away game with a midfield of Song, Denilson, Diaby and Fabregas (who so far this season has been beyond shit).

Ted said...

The Spurs result last night perhaps adds some perspective. They were utterly shit but beat the Scousers 2-1. The Scousers ran out of luck, hit the woodwork three times and left shite hart lane with no points. Chelsea go top of the table having thrashed Sunderland 5-0. Lets not forget that Chelsea were crap against Liverpool last week. ManUre had a late scare against Hull at 4-3, and how Shrek Rooney did not get sent off I will never know.

All of us don't see a good result coming against Manure next weekend. I know it sounds crazy to try and stay positive. However, nothing is impossible at the moment, but we need to forget yesterday and move on.

cro said...

I think it is too early to talk about our missed chances to win a premiership this season. Season is long, and we are missing some key players, so if Wenger manage to win some points in next three or four games, I think that our chances will still be good. It's obvius that we need a clinical striter, and I can't wait to see Eduardo back on the pitch.

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Obsinho said...

I am a negative bastard by nature, but it is going to get much worse before we even have a chance of hoping Wenger will make it better.

Our coming prem fixtures are all going to be horrible - the team we have out there are not good enough. There is nothing Wenger can do about that now - it is a fact. And if he continues playing average players out of position then it will deteriorate even quicker.

Throw into the mix the suspensions and injuries, and it is a horrible filthy sight.

By Christmas we will be in the UEFA positions, and praying that Wenger pulls his head out of his arse and salvages his reputation and all his hard work over the last 4 years and makes some much needed signings.