Friday 7 December 2007

Hello from another Arsenal blogger

I have been an Arsenal fan all my life, a season ticket holder for a few years, but unfortunately due to work commitments I haven't been able to attend the Emirates as regularly as I would have liked. Some would say this indicates my lack of commitment to the cause, I would say in my defense that my job keeps me in clothes and a home, thus without it I'd be in a bit of trouble, unfortunately it's a job which requires a one hundred percent commitment.

Anyway the reason I've been inspired to start blogging is partly because I am slightly frustrated with the way that some commentators are always writing off Arsenal players in a slightly offensive below-the-belt manner. I have no problem with people have a different opinion to my own, it is the way in which people choose to assassinate certain characters that I find out of order. Many people read ArsenalNewsReviews, I read his most recent piece which talks about Adebayor and Almunia in particular.

Perhaps it's just me, but I find these comments just a smidgeon unfair:

"As I've said months ago, Almunia is a clown who has improved a lot. As I said weeks ago, he is the elephant in the room."

Almunia may not be the best goalkeeper in the world, however this commentator has labelled him a clown and seems intent on never relinquishing this tag despite the fact that Almunia has been a rather consistent performer over the past two seasons. Maybe Almunia isn't the long term Arsenal number 1, however he is number 1 now and he's actually made very few errors this season. All keepers make errors, and Almunia has made fewer than most in the past two years, I'd therefore argue that he certainly does not deserve the tag of 'clown'. Maybe some people just find it hard to admit when they got things a bit wrong.

"On 90.02, Diarra hit a brilliant 60-yard ball and Adebayor made a diagonal run which was covered by right back Habib Beye, and, as the ball bounced five yards outside the penalty area, the two players ran into each other."

I disagree profoundly with this analysis of Beye's blocking of Adebayor's run. Adebayor was going straight for the ball, while Beye clearly ran into Adebayor in a direction towards the player and not the ball; for me this made Beye's actions a deliberate foul. Adebayor did not lose his bottle, this is a rather far fetched conclusion to reach when the evidence does not point towards it. Perhaps these comments show rather more about the author than they do about the football that he talks of. Perhaps a certain commentator judged Adebayor rather harshly when he first arrived and is finding it hard to acknowledge his quality. I am not the first to admit when I am wrong, however I did misjudge Ade, I did not see him becoming the regular fixture that he has become. However I am now big enough to admit I was wrong, it's just a shame that some people find this impossible to do.


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Bloggers Place said...

yeh i agree with you alumnua is a totall wolly and i dont know why wenger does not get rid off him

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