Saturday 15 December 2007

Good joke Arsene

The Mirror covers Arsene asking people to lay off poor Ashley Cole this weekend. Ashley Cole may be a man with very little brain, but this hardly excuses his actions and words that betrayed Arsenal Football Club. Ashley and Chelsea will not get a friendly reception and neither should they. The Telegraph covers the same story but does mention the rather significant absence of Drogba.

Drogba is an awesome player, although an embarrassment at times due to his eagerness for the rolling around on the turf, and he always looks dangerous against us. His record of five goals in six games against us is pretty decent too. Essien's absence is also significant, especially when several key Arsenal players (Flamini, Fabregas and Hleb) are very close to returning. With no injuries to either side I'd be a lot more scared going into Sunday's game than I currently am, obviously we must not underestimate Chelsea, however I think we definitely have the edge.

A good article in the Online Gooner pointing out the rank hypocrisy exhibited by the FA, and also hinting at the real root causes for England's failure at international level; namely a lack of emphasis on technique. In other news Arsenal have taken Nikolay Dimitrov on trial from Levski Sofia, he's a 20 year old left winger. While David Moyes has been chatting a little breeze:

"If Arsenal had played the way we played in the first half people would all be
talking about it. We were very good."

I'm not quite sure why David Moyes is so jealous of Arsenal. He might get a bit more praise if his Everton side consistently played good football and didn't play such physical direct stuff all the time. Anyway fingers crossed for Sunday, go gently on poor Cashley.

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