Thursday 13 December 2007

Back to winning ways

A much more positive affair than Sunday's nightmare saw Steau Bucharest defeated, but it was not enough to steer Arsenal away from the big guns for the second round draw of the Champions league. It'll be one of Inter Milan, AC Milan, Porto, Barcelona or Real Madrid next; Porto would be best of a bad bunch really.

I'd prefer to stick to the positive about last night's game as arseblogger has done. Bendtner continues to impress and he surely must have some role to play on Sunday, while Theo is looking far improved, even if the goals are not yet flowing. Diaby's encouraging return also adds a bit more strength to our squad with the fixtures piling up. It's great to have RVP back too, we missed him last season when he was out and we've certainly missed his inventive flair over the last few weeks, great to have him back.

Overall last night will have boosted out confidence going into the biggy against Chelsea on Sunday. We've got some of our bigger guns coming back to fitness just at the right time. On another note, it will be great for England if Capello signs on the dotted line today. A great manager with balls who deserves to be given a lot of time to put things right and a great degree of patience. I hope the tabloid press develop some brains so that they can refrain from bringing out the knives early on. England have picked a good manager for once, so let him get on with the job, and give him the time and space to do it properly.

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