Thursday 2 December 2010

Wigan and FIFA's ineptitude is killing the international game

So it was a pretty solid win against Wigan as most of us would have hoped would be the case before the game, in all honesty with some slightly sharper finishing it could have been an extremely decent scoreline. The big positives must include another solid performance from the young Pole in goal (what a rhyme), RVP not getting injured and producing some nice touches, and good defensive showings from Djourou and Gibbs. The missed chances of Vela and Bendtner were sort of expected given their lack of games, but still a tad disappointing, the two did combine rather nicely for our second goal though.

The amusing thing for me is the fact that the media seem to think we're taking the competition so so much more seriously than we have done in previous years. Actually very few of our Carling Cup starters started at the weekend, Wilshere and Koscielny were the only two I think. The strong side is more a reflection of our deeper squad than our taking things massively more seriously. Still, we're through to face Ipswich in the two legged semi final, we must have a good chance of getting through that tie and making the final.

Now to the item at the top of everyone's agenda at the moment, FIFA and the decision to give the 2018/22 world cups to Russia and Qatar respectively. Firstly anyone who blames the BBC for this decision is just plain stupid. The BBC's program may not have been well timed but frankly so what, the media are perfectly entitled to expose rank corruption whenever they want, the fact that FIFA have so much dirty laundry is what people should be focusing on, this all links in with the corrupt and nepotistic voting system that has handed the world cup to Russia and Qatar. I would urge everyone to actually watch the BBC's program before criticising it, this criticism should be going in FIFA's direction.

FIFA are a joke, they are useless in all they do, their president Sepp Blatter is as corrupt as they come, many others are as corrupt as Sepp, if not more. FIFA also consistently stands in the face of progress, video technology is still not in use in the game despite virtually all other big sports having incorporated it into their games in a way that has reduced error and helped out officials. If the BBC program did affect the votes then this only goes to prove just how overly sensitive various FIFA committee members are, probably because they are as corrupt as they come.

The decision to hand the world cups to Russia and Qatar does appear a rather political one, it would also not surprise me if certain FIFA committee members were getting some kind of kickbacks for their votes. Whatever actually went on behind closed doors, it is clear that the FIFA voting system is the opposite of being objective, it is archaic and susceptible to clear manipulation. In my opinion Russia is not in Europe and the handing of a world cup to Qatar is beyond a joke.

The sad fact about all this is that international football is dying, it is becoming more and more dreary in comparison to the vastly superior club game. The Champions League produces the best football, the domestic European leagues produce some of the most exciting stuff after this, the international game lags sadly behind. The international game has become more and more boring in comparison to the club game in recent years, and the game's governing bodies are doing nothing to address this, FIFA look after only themselves, UEFA are doing little for the international game too. FIFA needs to be reformed badly, the IOC has been reformed recently to the great benefit of the Olympic bidding process, the chance that anything similar will happen to FIFA appears rather remote, FIFA are completely unaccountable and everything they do is the opposite of transparent.

I'm not the biggest England fan in the world, I do admit, but a world cup in England would have been vastly superior to one in Russia, and a comparison with Qatar is laughable. It's such a great shame that the 'people's' game is being killed by such a corrupt bunch of cronies who are looking after their own vested interests and not the interests of the game of football. FIFA are using the world cup as a money making device to feed their own corruption, the demands that FIFA put on the governments of host countries are beyond a disgrace, no wonder the world cup is being given to compliant corrupt countries like Russia and Qatar, they are happy to dance to FIFA's corrupt tune, what a sad state of affairs.


library2.0 said...

So Russia and Qatar for the World Cup.
Russia? Zenit refuse to have black players. Had a riot with local rivals spartak moscow after winning the title last week. A corrupt govt if wikileaks is true. And Homophobic.
Then Qatar. No booze. No brazilians in bikini's and homophobic. The best part though. Its next door to iran and iraq. Some security issues. Way to go FIFA.
If you wanna see how fifa work read Andrew Jennings Foul!: The Secret World of FIFA: Bribes, Vote Rigging and Ticket Scandals (
Gutted. Prefer if spain and ozzies got it.

Anonymous said...

It must also be pointed out that with the collapse of the reserve league, a lot of the young lads have gone out on loan as a means of getting them regular experience. Wenger has to make his Carling Cup lineup from the players on hand, which is what he appears to be doing.

I can't be bothered with all the idiotic international politics and corruption that goes with the world Cup anymore. It's rather overhyped and boring, and the players are mostly too exhausted to put on a good show. The Champions League is far superior football, it comes around every year, and it's played in a bunch of different nations.

Rokabox said...

Just typical ignorant comments from ignorant people. Qatar success is laughable you say, have you been to Qatar ever? I guess no, so don't talk off your bigot arse and stop the stereotype media talk. I do believe FIFA is corrupt, but dismissing the effort that the Qatarians made, and knowing much about their Passion to sport and football, their financial capability and friendly and hospitable people justify their success. They did successfuly organise the Asian games few years ago you know. They are more than capable to host the world cup. As for the idiot whose concern is booze and bikinies he should head to Ibeza instead, though his claim is untrue it is very modern and liberal state.

library2.0 said...

Oh Rokabox, did i hurt your feelings? No I've not been to Qatar. Don't want to. As to the response about them having a successful asian games so? Will Qatar allow woman to walk in skirts? Go unhibited ? Sorry If I maybe standing up for female supporters that enjoy football i do apologise? If you think fans will go to Qatar YOU ARE JOKING. You wish to answer my other criticisms of Russia/Qatar please do? Will it welcome Jewish fans? Gay community? quite simply NO? Qatar recognises Irans right to nuclear arms ffs.....

Anonymous said...

Qatar getting the World Cup is great, if you are from Qatar, that is until Qatar get knocked out in the group stage after getting whooped 5 nil every game.

Lets face it, it is the equivalent of Accrington Stanley getting a bye into the Champions League semi finals.

FIFA and its odious head Blatter are a disgrace, smug and arrogant and corrupt to their very being. The fact that England spent something like £400m+ to woo these fuckers beggars belief!

Lets not kid anyone, Qatar got the World Cup through nothing short of bribery, shmoozing and politics.

FFS! Qatar will be between 45-50+ degrees centigrade when the cup is on. Fuck that shit.

By then the World Cup will be a spent force, dead on its feet and probably over looked by millions, which will be a truly sad thing as it used to be a great spectacle.

Rokabox said...

It is a football tournement not a spring break you morons, like Dubai Qatar is the most cosmopolitan state in the Guilf, only state to have Israeli consulate and American base, not a thing to brag about , just FYI.
Talk about heat and temp. Mexico is just as hot and they hosted a world cup. The rich Arabs would air-condition the whole place if they want to! And sorry if you want a gay bar in Doha I can ask the shiekh to open one just for you lots.

Anonymous said...

If WC host is selected exclusively based on the EXISTING infrastructure of the country, there aren't many of them that have a legitimate shout. Hey, every country has her own share of problem. Italy is notorious for racism too. USA and many other countries, on the right day, could be hit by either 40+ C temperature or a torrid storm. I have no doubt FIFA is as corrupted as the next political organization, but Russia and Qatar seem to be fair choices to me.

library2.0 said...

Rokabox, your comment:-

And sorry if you want a gay bar in Doha I can ask the shiekh to open one just for you lots.

Sums it up really? Who are our lot? I assume lots meant lot ? You gotta problem with gay people (or those lots as you say)? The world cup is regarded as a carnival FOR ALL. Most likely those 'lots' you don't want there.

You, my friend are an idiot. When your capable of answering me in a concise and succint manner, i'll be very surprised.

BTW, Another Arsenal Blog, sorry for this

Rokabox said...

Hey Library man or woman, the debate is not about gays rights, I doubt any gay follows football anyway, but that's not the point. The point is to dismiss Qatar bid as laughable is totally unjustified. And again check about Qatar in your library before you get hyped up about gay issues. FIFA is corrupt from top to bottom everybody knows that. The reason that Russia and Qatar won is not because FIFA is homophobic or communist. It's because they have financial gain from that and the fact that they don't like the English as evident from the vote. I rest my case and back to my box

library2.0 said...

Your comment:-

I doubt any gay follows football anyway,

Sorry? Thats a scientific fact is it?

My point rokabox is that Qatar will not accept diverse groups (those 'lots' that don't like football as you say).

As said previously, the WC is a carnival for all (an inclusive event).

Uncle Mike said...

Brazil 2014 will be The Last World Cup. Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022 may be called "World Cups," but FIFA have succeeded in making it a bigger joke than the Olympics. (Come to think of it, Brazil 2016 may be the last one of those worth watching, too.)

I'm disappointed with the U.S. not getting 2022, but I would have been fine with it if '18 and '22 had gone to countries not stuck in the 20th Century (Russia's gangarchy) or the 16th Century (Qatar being the home of al-Jazeera, and they're considered liberal by OPEC standards).

So, as a Gooner and an American, I can only say... Thanks a lot, you stupid Brummies! If you hadn't been, as the song goes, precoccupied with 1985, maybe England, and thus the U.S., would have had a fairer chance!

Joseph Joshua said...

Ok, I wanted England to win the bid just as much as anyone. But that doesn't mean just because Russia and qatar won it means them as countries are crap. You can't go on and make comments like Qatar are Homophobic and is an unsafe country. Have you been to Qatar?! There is booze. And it it by far one of the safest places to be. Iv been there 5 times. My Dad Lives there for work. Pls to make stupid comments out of bitterness. Its rude, disrespectful and very immature.


Dr Stokeygoon said...

The bribery accusations have really hit home.

It is instinctively wrong to have the same individuals governing a global sport year after year with little opportunity for voting them off. Whether or not he is in his position by fair means, Sepp Blatter must be intellectually tired - noone can be in power as long as him and have fresh ideas , as evidenced by his reluctance to move the game into the technology era.

The sad thing about the world cup is the miasma that engulfs the bidding process. I am sure Russia and Qatar submitted excellent bids and from what I heard of Russia's pitch, it was compelling.

If (and it is a big if) FIFA were to think strategically about football and if (it's a bigger if) international football were the pinnacle of the sport, then it is entirely appropriate that football goes to the Middle East and the far flung borders of Eastern Europe.

Staging a world cup in Eastern Europe and the Middle East should have a transformational effect on football in these areas, something that would never happen holding it in England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Holland or Portugal.

Unfortunately, FIFA has made the correct strategic choice for all of the wrong reasons. England has paid a huge price for what was all along a huge exercise in futility and the credibility of the world cup will always be under question.

Perhaps it would be better all round for Sepp Blatter to put away all the trappings of accountability and just admit that it's his ball and only he will decide who gets to play with it.

Anonymous said...

Actually, what this outcome has demonstrated is the ignorance, hypocrisy and close mindedness that exists in English or western society. No one else should play football? Or even have the chance to showcase what they can do? Those places are so unsafe or so bigoted (because we say so) that we don't even want to learn about them or see what their bid is about?
FIFA is corrupt as hell. Would it have been any less corrupt if England and USA had won? Of course not. But let's pretend we are better than the entire world why don't we?

Anonymous said...

Good comments from Joseph and Dr.Stokeymoon.

I've been living in UAE and went to Doha once. They are more liberal than you think. Certainly not a bunch of homophobic suppressive jihadists some of ignorant people believe they are.

As for FIFA's decision to host 2022 in Qatar, I agree with most that it is not a popular choice. I have no doubt they will make it with all the money and big ambitions they've got but to invest all that money to host a 30-day event with no real long term benefit to its economy, it is just a waste of resource in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Qatar probably will derive benefit from the high profile it will receive from hosting the World Cup.

Incidentally. FIFA sucks and all that but apparently Blatter would have preferred the 2022 World Cup to go to USA and not Qatar. That must be seen as a political victory for Mohammad bin hammam(i think that's his name) the Asian Federation president.

Uncle Mike said...

If Blatter had wanted the World Cup to go to the U.S., it would be going to the U.S. Whatever he wants, he gets. No wonder Putin likes him.

George Graham for FIFA President. He's younger, he's a proven idea man, he actually respects the game... and it doesn't take nearly as much to bribe him! And, being Scottish, he'll respect the English fans without bending over and letting the English media kick him.

Unknown said...

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