Monday 13 December 2010

Manure continue to intimidate as Arsenal fail to deliver

What a bitty game, it never really got going and seemed to have nil nil stamped all over it, to give credit where it is due, it was a truly fantastic finish from Park who is one of the few United players who is not a despicable human being. The fact that we so rarely threatened the United goal was rather obvious and also rather concerning.

Firstly I think Arsene got the tactics and line up wrong. I would have started Nasri centrally in the midfield three, I would have had Theo wide right and I would have told Arshavin to stay on the left and not roam around all over the shop. We were so slack with possession and there just wasn't enough attacking width. Another option would have been to play a more 4-4-2 style system with RVP behind Chamakh. It was pretty obvious that very few of our midfield and attacking players delivered,

Having said that it was a fairly tight game overall, United shaded it on chances, but not by much. The big positive must be Szczesny's outstanding showing, he looks the real deal and an Arsenal no1 for years ahead for me. It was just extremely disappointing to not take advantage of a United side that really looked like they were there for the taking, the problem was that we just weren't good enough to do it on the night.

The officiating was toilet standard and a large part of that was down to Howard Webb's rank incompetence. His one sided handing out of yellow cards to Arsenal players was beyond belief, at the same time he let far worse go from Manure players, a Vidic tackle on Chamakh in the first half springs to mind. The penalty was also an absolute joke decision, even if it did brush Clichy's arm then it was never a deliberate handball, a very very poor decision.

The biggest joke was the fact that Darren Fletcher basically shoved Howard Webb in a blatant act of dissent in the first half. It was a clear red card offence, he barged the bloody referee, yet the media will ignore this and sweep it under the carpet. It flabbergasts me that a player can do this on television in front of millions and he gets away with it. Rooney told various officials to f*ck off without punishment again. It's one rule for Manure and one rule for everyone else in this regard, the balance is just tilted that little bit in their favour year in year out and it allows them to squeeze a few points where other teams would not.

I will analyse things more thoroughly in the next few days, my initial thoughts are that this result was just more of the same, we had an off day I know, but there have been too many of these, maybe we just had a few too many small technical ball players on show and there wasn't quite the right balance of pace, power, technique and skill on show. Anyway just to finish on a positive, Wojciech Szczesny is a legend in the making. Also how enjoyable was it to see that ugly uneducated chav Wayne Rooney miss that penalty, priceless, I would rather never win a trophy that support a team that is made up of a majority of such c*nts.


OldGoon said...

Really? Viera, Keown, Campbell, Cole etc were all dubbed as cunts for us. I'd take that side over this anyday. Rank blindness on Sir Wengers behalf and how he thinks this team can win the league is just quite beyond me. Either, let's pick ourselves up lads for Stoke..oh no.

Anonymous said...

Before the game, Wenger had challenged the young gunners to deliver.This is not the first time they have failed. He made similar calls in the past and they were brought down to earth.
I'm afraid after the spell of bad results chelsea are set to return to business as usual.Failure to beat another title rival is an indication the team aint good enough except to Wenger.
He is signing young guys when he should be getting wc players for the present.I think he is deluded if he thinks the gunners cn win the title or cl without getting the quality players in Jan.

Anonymous said...

We field crap cos too much time & effort is invested for us not to play them. We reward crap with bumper contracts cos too much time & effort is invested to lose them for free.
We blame the sky & the moon for our own inadequacies.
It has become so harmonious at the club Victory is just a word used to sell jerseys.
We have a team of clones cast from the same dainty mould Wenger made.
It is like listening to a singer with a great voice but can only sing one song. You'll get sick of it eventually.

Anonymous said...

Another bitter whiney article written by a sad little man.
Aww diddums, were the bigger boys bullying you again?
Of course the whole world is against you every time we hand you your ass on a plate isn't it. Or maybe you're just a spineless joke of Barce wannabes.
Thanks for providing the post match entertainment loser!!!

1979gooner said...

anonymous 814,

i would be laughing at yourself for your own pathetic comments?

care to comment on how pushing the ref is ok?

if you bothered to engage your petite brain then you may care to realise that I have openly acknowledged that we had a bad day and didn't create enough

go elsewhere if you can't even make a single point of meaning

Co said...

it is still a mystery to me why Fletcher isnt sent off.
i didnt know either that players could insult ref the way rooney did.

Ted said...

a very very disappointing evening. Its hard to take that Fergie has us figured out so easily. Andersen always plays against us, as does Park, and both always work their socks off and Arsenal just cannot keep up.

We can't even blame Diaby for last night.

Rhinogooner said...

Mr. Wenger's teams no longer have any bottle. That's why we can't win the big matches.

It's a mental block. But he just keeps petting them and stroking their egos, rather than putting his foot in their backsides.

Still, I had no illusions we were going to win last night. I thought it possible. But I wasn't optimistic.

If you look at how we've played for the last 3 seasons, nothing really has changed. And therefore, the overall achievements of Arsenal will not change.

Change is what is required. Not persisting with this failing equation. Either Mr. Wenger must change, or he must be changed...

marcus said...

Rhinogooner got it exactly right. This team is a joke - a bunch of bottlers, chokers, coddled and protected by the big bad media by AW...and totally incapable of showing up not just for the big games but even for games against newly promoted sides at home.

But I don't blame the players. Put aside the fact whether or not Ferguson or Mourinho would have players like Denilson (who I don't bash like others do) or Squilacci or Kos. Put our players in their hands and they'd have this team organized, communicating with one another, everyone working hard to backtrack, putting in the effort for every single game. Look at what Keown did with Senderos.

It's not the players, it's the manager--it's the training, the incredibly naive & utterly predictable approach to tactics (or non-approach) and so on. Smart tactical managers can figure us out very easily, it really isn't rocket science. Ferguson has us sussed out every time because he knows exactly what to expect. If we get Madrid in the CL, Mourinho will have AW for breakfast. He has no answer to basic, simple, organized tactics. He doesn't send teams out having taken into account the opponents they're playing. He doesn't tell his players how to handle a particular opponent according to their characteristics, he just tells them go out and play our game. It's hilarious and pathetic.

AW will never win a trophy again.