Wednesday 22 December 2010

White or shite christmas?

It's a sign of becoming a grumpy old man when the snow really pisses you off and I think I am precisely that at the moment. I am tired and completely fed up with the amount of time wasted because of this damn snow. The first few hours were fun, then I realised that the snow wasn't the right type for making a large snowman and I have been angry ever since. We lost the Stoke game to the snow and there will always be a chance of losing the Chelsea game too, hopefully it will give Didier Drogba time to twist something important on the ice and put himself out of goalscoring action.

Ian Holloway always cheers me up and the above clip is utter magic. He doesn't mince his words and gets across the massive frustration that so many of us feel with the muppets in charge of the game of football at FIFA. I would love to see Mr Holloway removing a certain FIFA man's head and seeing it roll along the floor with a rather gormless expression on it.

These little gaps are often nice opportunities to take stock of what is going on with the Arsenal players spread around various clubs in Europe. A couple close to home have been getting a fair bit of positive attention of late, Henri Lansbury is doing well on his emergency loan at Norwich and starting every game, Kyle Bartley also seems to be doing well at Sheffield United and getting a lot of experience under his belt.

On the injury news I would ignore the rubbish about this new 'Vermaelen injury blow', it is absolute tosh. Essentially TV has an annoying Achilles problem that is now settling down and he is gradually getting back to things. He was never going to be rushed back at breakneck speed, it was always going to be slow. Nothing has changed, he is expected to be back in late January or so and this is no different than would have been expected a month ago. He is on track. There is also good news for Kieran Gibbs, he is going to be back within the next couple of weeks, while Diaby and Fabianski are now fit for action.

Overall one has to be a little bit encouraged by the general fitness of the squad, we are not far off having most of our big names fit, famous last words no doubt. There are rumours that Chris Samba is about to hand in a transfer request at Blackburn, I have to say that despite having only seen bits of him, he is the right kind of player for us. We could do with a big strong chap who can play in the middle of midfield or an centre back, especially given his aerial power. Here's hoping that the Chelsea game goes ahead and that Lucasz Fabianski isn't quite ready, it would be nice to see young Mr Szczesny in first team action again. Come on you Gunners!


Rhinogooner said...

I'd have Samba. And I said that in the comments here 2 seasons ago.

He has improved since then. He would be a monster at the back for us. Like a younger Sol Campbell.

He always seems to score against us too. So that would be another benefit of having him come to Arsenal.

Make it happen Mr. Wenger. You know it makes sense :-)

Ted said...

Samba will be at Spurs before you can say 'Christmas Turkey'. He will never sign for Arsenal.

Does anyone see us getting anything against Chelsea on Monday? I don't. Drogba only has to turn up against us and he scores. Merry fucking Christmas Drogs.