Monday 6 December 2010

Talksport and 'Arry - journalism of the lowest sort

Many of you probably listen to Talksport radio, I too must admit that sometimes my lack of self control means that I occasionally endure a few minutes of their low quality broadcasting, it really is straight from the gutter in an unpurified fashion. Generally it's probably worth ignoring their drivel, but this time I just couldn't resist commenting on the low quality of what they reproduce as an exclusive sporting story "Exclusive - Redknapp: 'Bale should be player of the season":

"For me, at this particular time, he’s got to be the footballer of the year in this country. I can’t think of anyone who’s done as well as him."

This is meant to be an exclusive. I shall recap the context of this so called 'exclusive', here we have a bent manager who is due in court for tax evasion ringing up a friendly Talksport hack to say that one of his players should be player of the year. Of note this is a manager who is notoriously friendly with the English press, routinely picking up the bar tabs for journalists in return for a favourable whitewashing of all Redknapp related news.

Garteh Bale's quality is irrelevant, despite having a good season with a handful of outstanding games he has a long way to go before he can be regarded as a consistent performer in the Premier League. The fact that Talksport choose to make an 'exclusive' out of a manager bigging up one of his own players is utterly pathetic, they are virtually advertising Gareth Bale for Tottenham and Harry Redknapp. This is truly journalism of the lowest gutter dwelling sort.

It would be interesting to know if the Talksport 'journalist/propaganda artist' Michael Wade has ever accepted any alcoholic gifts from a certain Tottenham manager, it is strange that Harry Redknapp can just make a phone call and this is then turned into an 'exclusive' story. To me it looks like old Harry has a very cosy, if not overtly corrupt, relationship with certain parts of the media; Harry feeds them some nice juicy morsels every now and again, while in return Harry gets a very easy ride the rest of the time.

Nothing else would explain a lot of the biased drivel we are subjected to my the likes of the dire Talksport on such an incessant basis. This is not objective journalism, it is utter rubbish. The fact that Gareth Bale was proclaimed as the best player in the world after one performance against a rather dodgy Inter side was part of the same story, the fact that Bale's routine theatrics and diving are ignored by the media is also part of the same. The cosy relationship Harry and others with the media enjoy is nothing short of a disgrace, the fact that the media pretend that they are being objective at the same time as indulging in this mutual back scratching context is beyond a disgrace.


Pete said...

Thought this was an arsenal blog?

What a load of drivel you write, your paranoia is pathetic

1979gooner said...

It is a blog in which i can address which topics i choose.

Your comment is the pathetic drivel as it addresses nothing at all.

Sad really, just like talkshite.

Davi said...

Modric had been much better than bale anyway.
There does seem to be a campaign to make bale recognised as the best player in the world. He's a really good player, able to turn games already at 21 years old, and he will only get better, but it really is overblown. A bit like walcott after his croatia hattrick.

1979gooner said...


Agree with that Davi.

Very good but the hype is disproportionate to his performances.

Uncle Mike said...

I wonder what would happen if the Welsh (English enough for some) Bale were doing the exact same things for Arsenal, while the French Nasri were doing the exact same things for Spurs.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to trade the best player in the league this season for Peter "Monkeyheed" Reid's long-lost son. But I wonder if the media would be saying, "The French kid from Spurs ain't so bad" and would still be, uh, needing a cigarette after watching Bale in an Arsenal uniform. Probably not.

We Are The Arsenal (TM): They hate us anyway, they're never going to respect us, so to hell with them and let's beat all of the other teams, the ones they always like, and the ones they only like when said teams play us.

Springbok1309 said...

I've been reading blogs for some time now and thought it's about time I got involved.
I too am sick of everybody's love-in with Spurs. Even former Arsenal legends seem to get aroused whenever they talk about Spurs! However, I prefer to look on the bright side of things. Look at how much money the likes of Spurs have spent just trying to catch us up! Let the media keep tossing them off, they will eventually just blow their load and show themselves up for what they are. What can you expect with a manager like that? Come On You Reds!!!