Wednesday 15 December 2010

Video of Fletcher barging the referee

It may not have been quite Di Canio but the slightly grainy video shows just how weak Howard Webb was in punishing dissent from Manchest United players on Monday night. Darren Fletcher quite clearly chases the referee and barges him, there is most definitely physical contact.

Sky strangely edited out this incident on replays and made absolutely nothing of it on their highlights or news programs. No one in the media has even mentioned it, as far as I can see.

Fletcher expressed clear dissent and barged the referee, it was a red card offence, you simply can't make physical contact with referees when dissenting in such an aggressive manner. The fact that Webb didn't even book him tells the story of his weak officiating, of note Rooney also swore at the linesman on at least one occassion, telling him to eff off.

Ignoring the game itself and the poor Arsenal performance, it is quite appalling that Flecther should behave in such a manner and that Webb allow him to do so. 'Respect' was quite clearly nowhere in evidence. One can guarantee if an Arsenal player had done what Flecther did then they would have been red carded and destroyed in the media. The FA and media's silence says more than words could do on the special treatment that a certain club continues to enjoy.


ArthurTheGooner said...

Great find my man, this is exactly my point.

I knew we were going to loose this one with that TWAT in charge...

SHAME ON THE FA and they are no different to FIFA scumbags!

Anonymous said...

i said before the match the fa will have either a)howard"i hate arsenal"webb or mike "i luv man ure"riley-so it's no surprise at all what webbo was up to-fletcher could have smacked him in the bollocks,nothing would have happened- i also called that MANURE would get a dodgy penalty-as it turns out,it had no bearing but had it been 0-0 at the time,people would see what the fa & their "friends"the refs are up to when it comes to MANURE..

Anonymous said...

yeah your right we were cheated again, why are all the referees anti arsenal, why are all the media anti arsenal, it is not fair

Anonymous said...

How embarrassingly predictable. Blame Fletcher, bad luck, the referee, the pitch, the tackles.
Whatever Whinger moans about, the fucking sheep follow suit, regular as clockwork.
We're a better team with a better manager, so stop making excuses and accept it.
Men against boys yet again.
You arse bandits are just 'a training centre' LOL

Anonymous said...

I saw the incident and webb did nothing, on Saturday Phil Dowd booked Man city Balotelli for decent at the Ref. But Rooney or what Fletcher did can go unpunished, thats FA for you mate.

Anonymous said...

Its at Old Trafford.....its been happening for over a decade...what is the surprise.

They have been granted immunity to actual rules at Old Trafford.

This is not a bitter comment, as I feel we didn't deserve anything Monday.

But everyone is fighting a losing battle at Old Trafford. Not only do you face a tremendous team, but inbalanced rules.

1979gooner said...

anon 1121 and 1129

i suggest you both grow brains

this is not about blame or excuses

it is about a specific incident which the referee got very badly wrong

if you wish to condone running after the ref and barging him then go for it

otherwise you would be better to keep your foolish mouths firmly shut

1979gooner said...

indeed 1336

it's a dodgy penalty at Old Trafford every season!

there has been rooney's dive vs campbell's non tackle, gallas inadvertent handball and almunia's minimal contact on rooney to name but three

Anonymous said...

Odd Triffid is the home of the PL referee, simple as that. I'm not sure all refs are against Arsenal elsewhere, but at that place any team has to be multiple times better than them to get over the extra man (in black) they have

marcus said...

I always expect this type of thing at OT.

Only a United player (esp. at OT) could physically assault a referee and not get booked. Fletcher and other Utd players harangued and intimidated and whinged at the ref all game long - it's what they always do. They're the biggest whingers in the game - not us. Utd players constantly surround the ref, curse at him and now even assault him. But it's ok - it's at OT and it's United. They can do that. I never expect a fair game at OT -- we ALWAYS get more bookings than they do even tho they commit more fouls than we do - the ref fails to call so many fouls they commit yet we get booked for the first foul we commit. Tho to be fair, Howard wasn't as bad on Monday as refs usually are toward us at OT.

The record for us in the last 3/4 games at OT (not counting Monday) reads something like this:

Utd commit 50 fouls - 3 bookings
Arsenal commit 46 fouls - 17 bookings

That's the consistent pattern for us at OT. It never changes. It was the same story long before AW. It's up to AW to put out a team capable or surmounting an inherent referee bias against us at OT.

That's what I expect, it'll never change. Utd can assault and kick us at will at OT, they'll get away with it, always.

Uncle Mike said...

Officials are there to enforce the rules equally. If they're not willing to do that, then they should get out of the way and let the players police themselves. At least that way, the rules would be the same for both sides.

As long as the FA lets Howard Webb, Mike Dean and Mike Riley get away with letting Arsenal's opponents, and Manchester United regardless of who they're playing, get away with whatever they want, then it's like the ref is handing Man U a gun and taking away Arsenal's pocketknife.

Against most teams, our players, if they work hard and pay attention, are usually good enough to overcome this. Against The Devil's Own United, it's not men against boys, it's 11 against 15.

And nobody cares. After all, it's only Arsenal. Foreign, foreign Arsenal. Foreign, foreign Arsenal. Against Man U with their fine English players Giggs and Evra and Nani and van der Sar. Not to mention their former Englishmen Barthez and Schmeichel and Keane and Cantona.

Gunnersh1va said...

Another good blog my friend. Was it not Emmanuel Petit who was SENT OFF for daring to touch the referee years ago? I'm not saying Darren 'son of Fergie' Fletcher should have been sent off but the way he runs at the referee, in the way only a Manure player can, was dissent of the highest order. I thought the FA were stamping this behaviour out? Was it not Manure who forced them into this years back with Jaap 'the vein' Stam and co chasing refs around? We all know FA stands for F*** All so surprise they will not look at this.

Great stat Marcus regarding fouls at OT. Says it all really!

We can't complain as we didnt perform but once again not helped by the blatant bias given to the home team at OT.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget this little cheap shot

1979gooner said...

what a twat that man Rooney is, yet another yellow card they should have had!

arguably it's a red card for such a blatant kick so far off the ball