Friday 3 December 2010

Fulham, 4-4-2/4-3-3 and shameful FIFA

So Fulham tomorrow, it's a different challenge to Roy Hodgson's old Fulham side, injuries to ket strikers see them short up front, while Mark Hughes will probably be trying to 'stamp' his influence on the team which will have some effect, primarily on our players' shin pads I would imagine. The injuries continue to be Almunia, Diaby, Vermaelen and Cesc. Interestingly Arsene feels RVP can play in the same side as Chamakh, and I think the Wigan game's formation showed just how this would happen. RVP would slot in behind Chamkh to link up to the midfield, we would have two deeper midfielders and then two wide midfielders, meaning that the formation would more resemble a 4-4-1-1 than a 4-3-3.

We should remember that formations are not set in stone, they are fluid and flexible entities that very much depend on who is playing and how the team has been instructed to go out and play by the manager. I'm not sure on the starting eleven for tomorrow, obviously Fabiasnki will start, Squillaci and Nasri will also come in. Personally I'd like to see Djourou given a game ahead of Koscielny, while maybe we'll see Wilshere partner Song in central midfield, Nasri and Arshavin wide with RVP behind Chamakh up top. I don't know. It's a big game, especially in the context of Manure's game being postponed due to a frozen pitch, it's a good chance to get some points on the board.

The fallout continues from the FIFA's World Cup voting system that has seen Russia and Qatar handed consecutive tournaments. This is not a case of sour grapes, there are several clear problems with the process that have not been addressed in any way by the useless FIFA. Firstly it is clear that the more accountable countries were at a clear disadvantage because of FIFA's money making regulations which try to force the hosting country's government to ignore their legal systems. Secondly it is clear that the process is a political one and not an objective technical one, barely a single FIFA committee member who voted actually reviewed the technical reports on the various bidding countries' efforts. Thirdly it is clear that the votes in no way related to the quality of the bids. FIFA should indeed be ashamed, the problem is that these corrupt cretins have no shame, Sepp and his band of bunging buddies care not for football, they merely care for their own bank balances. I have to agree with Ken Bates on this one:

"We are totally unimpressed. I'm of the opinion that the big European nations should resign from FIFA and start their own organisation. The whole of FIFA could then move to Moscow and live in retirement in a nice dacha in the FIFA is a waste of space. It's a money making organisation and I don't think they give a damn about football."

This is the problem, FIFA are simply a self interested money making bunch of corrupt numpties who care nothing for the good of the game of football. It would be a great idea for several of the big countries in Europe to break away from FIFA, boycotting FIFA merchandise would also be a good way of drying up their funding. Something good must come out of all this mess, FIFA must be forced to change or die. After all why is football, the richest and most popular sport in the world, virtually the only sport not to have introduced video technology? Yes, this is another of FIFA's legacies, this bunch of numpties have done nothing to drive progress, they merely want to drive fast cars and admire their own fat bank balances. FIFA, it's time you changed or died a quick death.


Anonymous said...

"football bring people together", the slogan, should change to "football involve with money". I live in a small nation of only a mere 5 million people. But we would have to pay amost US$70 to watch the live broadcast of the last world cup. Many of us chose to skip it and would continue to do so to other league games if situation doesn't improve..

1979gooner said...

That is really sad. FIFA has so much to answer for.

RockyJay said...

I think FIFA and UEFA should just ban England. That will teach Ken Bates and the rest of the ''dream team'' that was supposed to bring the world cup to England a good lesson, and they will learn to lose honorably!
Disgusting people.
And you guys, just to remind you, this is an Arsenal blog, NOT an England blog.

bluemoon said...

It's true that england fallen from votes that Fefa love money from Russia and Quatar that England and Aussie never paid to them . Who care about it if Worldcup matches are so excite like Brasil ,Spain win it again and again in remember style.Englang should stand up and speak by their football that players attitude should be changed by not give more value themselves that ruins in the pitch at last WC2010 that I saw the players played in one-man-play not teamplay.

1979gooner said...


you miss the point entirely. As you say this is not an england blog, i quite agree.

It is however a blog that gives opinion and tries to rally against backwardsness and corruption. Hence fifa deserves a panning.

You comments say nothing and merely show your own prejudice. Are you condoning fifa's systems and structure?