Friday 17 December 2010

Stoke RFC and Pulis the petty/Barca in CL

I've been reflecting upon Monday's night's great disappointment and I would imagine that many of you have been doing the same. It wasn't great but it wasn't awful, it was somewhere in between. Defensively we did ok and Mr Szczesny did far better than ok, overall Manchester United created very little of note. The frustrating thing was out lack of attacking threat, we gave the ball away far too cheaply time and time again, I know Manure pressed us well, but this was not the sole reason, we were just sloppy and slack going forward. None of our attacking players played well.

The balance of the side didn't appear right, it's hard to put an exact finger on the problem spot. Overall though we just didn't have enough of a cutting edge, both in terms of brute power and in terms of raw pace. It was generally just a bit easy for Manchester United to keep us shut out. Andrei Arshavin had a poor game after a couple of excellent performances in the league, Chamakh didn't do much, Rosicky didn't add enough either. Our full backs were kept deep by Manu's pressing and we didn't have enough width as a result. This was rather predictable, in retrospect in would have been wise to have started with more width, playing Theo on the right and dropping Nasri to the central midfield role.

Onto Stoke Rugby Football Club. They really are a bunch of neadtherthal cloggers both on and off the pitch, remembering their large scum-infested hooligan element. Pulis is one of those bitter twisted men who can never let anything drop, his inner burning hatred of anything non-English and non-leg crunching is never relaxed. Recent comments in the media portraying Shawcross as a victim are pathetic, it should be remember that this average clogger broke Aaron Ramsey's leg with a bad tackle. Shawcross has not yet apologised for this and he has never admitted that it was a bad tackle. The media and Pulis are both accomplices in this regard, the dishonest and manipulative stories that portray poor Shawcross as the victim continue while Ramsey works his way back to fitness, it is lucky for the brute Shawcross that he has not wrecked this young lad's career. Shawcross deserves no sympathy, he has repeatedly shown himself to be a weak and violent individual, he is most certainly no victim, unless one sees his whole existence as a nasty accident.

Pulis' lame comments on the number of cards Arsenal have picked up are misguided and stupid. Remember this is the same loser who wrote a letter to the FA to complain when another manager likened his team's playing tactics to a Rugby Club, it seems Pulis feels he is allowed to comment on everyone else but no one can criticise him. As shown at Old Trafford on Monday the card tally is a very poor indicator of a team's dirtiness, we picked up several very soft yellows, while the worst offences were ignored by the cowardly Webb. We see this routinely at the Emirates, Arsenal get a massively disproportionate number of yellow cards per foul compared to the opposition. Also look at our red cards this season, most of them have been very very soft and for two yellow cards, we have not had a player sent off for anything violent this season. Shut it Pulis you despicable tool.

I hope we can come up with a strong performance against Stoke. It would be good to see Szczesny, Djourou, Walcott and RVP start. Finally to the CL, we have drawn Barca, fate told us that was coming! It's a great test for us and I am sure they were will be a tougher proposition than we were last season, our new defensive unit is far more formidable that the Silvestre-inclusive unit of last season. If you want to win the biggest cups then you have to beat the best teams and that is precisely what we shall have to do. I am not quite yet sure of the dates, I am keen to travel to Barca and have a fifty fifty chance of making it depending on the date of the away fixture. Come on you Gunners!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you are so right! Everyone is against Arsenal, all the authorities we do everything they can to stop us winning things, our players deserve trophies but the refs and other managers are conspiring against us, it is so unfair!

Anonymous said...

Pulis is a c*nt. Always has been, always will be. His comments are ridicoulous. I even did some research seeing im on holday... and my research lead me to the fair play table. Surely a more accurate measure of fair play than simply the number of cards and fouls. I was happy to notice that Arsenal (11) are actually above Stoke Rugby Club (17). It just proves that that wolly is completley wrong and misinformed. Hope Stoke get relegated to the Championship where they belong... F*cking Rugby side.

Also hope Shawcross does'nt get off lightly tomorrow, he does'nt deserve to be let off the hook. That inbred neanderthol took one of the brightest talents in the game out of it for 9 months and could well have ended his career.

1979gooner said...

Yes, very funny anon1233 you monkey.

Actually have a look at the statistics and this argument is well proven on the fouls/card ratio.

If you can't produce any decent argument against these facts then sod off with your lame sarcastic drivle.


1979gooner said...

well said anony 1237, hopefully the anonymous monkey can realise his/her dumbness now

Anonymous said...

You're talking b*llocks. Take off your blinkered Gooner goggles for a second and you'll realise you're talking a huge pile of tripe. For starters, Pulis himself is Welsh, half the Stoke team aren't English. That said, its half more of the team that are English than Arsenal's squad of foreign journeymen. Is that really right in English football? No, I don't think so. Wenger has continually unfairly blasted Stoke - just like he moans about every other club, just with a bit more bile because of the Shawcross incident. Incidentally, if you actually watch the tackle, there's absolutely nothing in it - nothing like the Birmingham City horror leg break on Eduardo. Why don't you mouth off about them? Stoke are a good side, improving in the league all the time - their football has got a lot better since promotion too. You just choose to ignore it as it suits your sore loser world view. Face it, Arsenal aren't not winning things because of Stoke and refs giving decisions against you. You've lost your class, that's all. Soft yellow cards as well? I think we ought to look at THAT Fabregas tackle from a month or so back where he went crunching in over the top, nowhere near the ball. Only to receive a yellow. Now that was soft. If he was Stoke, he'd be off.

Rhinogooner said...

I have no difficulty putting my finger on Arsenal's problem - it's Mr. Wenger.

The reason we were so poor offensively against Man U was not because our players had off days. It's because Man U nullified our threats.

You see, Ferguson studies his opponents and employs tactics which help Man U win by exploiting his opponents weaknesses and sussing out how to take advantage.

Mr. Wenger does not. At least, apparently does not. And based on his past comments. We just play our game and assume it will overcome any opposition if we execute properly.

As for Stoke, the best revenge would be to overwhelm them and thrash them. 5-0 would do. Completely humiliate them. That would shut them up.

Champions League opponents Barcelona? We have no chance. If you are even remotely optimistic that Arsenal somehow has the cumulative ability to overcome them, you're barking mad!

Still, it could have been worse. I reckon Real Madrid would have absolutely humiliated us. Mourinho would eat Mr. Wenger's tactics as an appetizer.

Anonymous said...

More comedy gold - looking forward to a old fashioned full blooded encounter - you must remember those in the days of Adams, Keown, Dixon, Bould, Winterburn,Viera. Pettit, Wright etc etc - bet you long for the days when you could compete. Mattface

marcus said...


He's made 2 or 3 comments about them and that's it.

It's STOKE and Pulis who constantly go on about Arsenal - they're so thin skinned that they whinge to the FA about nasty things Wenger said about them. Pulis ROUTINELY insults Wenger personally to the press yet Wenger NEVER says anything about Pulis.

Stoke are the most oversensitive crybabies in the PL - posing as macho men while constantly playing the victim of the big bad press and big bad Arsenal.