Wednesday 27 May 2009

A trophy at last and good luck Manu, don't break a leg

So the youth team convincingly dispatched Liverpool 6-2 over the two legs in winning the FA Youth Cup, there's no doubt this is a great achievement, but as the man known as Arseblogger says we should not put too much weight on these young men's shoulders. The midfielders do seem to be the ones who are the most talked about, Wilshere is the obvious one, but Coquelin, Frimpong and Emmanuel-Thomas are all very effective players in their own right. Having said that it's incredibly hard to break through to the first team given how strong the Premier League is at the moment, any youngster breaking into a top Premiership club's first team has to be pretty much adult international class as a teenager, not easy by any means.

Anyone who's kept an eye on the media in recent weeks would have noticed what an utter moron Patrice Evra is, his latest comments only continue to enhance his reputation as one of Manu's biggest penises, no mean feat in itself:

"If it amuses you to hit people, you do boxing, you do taekwondo, whatever you want. But you don't play football. We will see each other again off the pitch and there will not be a referee to give me a red card."

Evra got a tiny little kick on the knee from Cesc, the yellow was given and the game went on, get on with it Evra you big jessie. Even the Mancs can see what a prized tool Evra is, no one can doubt his ability on the pitch, however the man needs to learn to engage his brain before he speaks, if he has one that is. Evra should be charged by the FA for his comments which make it quite clear that he is looking for revenge in a manner not allowed by the rules of the game. Luckily justice has a habit of dishing itself out quite fairly sometimes, one gets the feeling that Evra's reputation is going to precede him against teams other than Arsenal, hopefully the lippy toss pot will get the repeated kicking he deserves.

Onto tonight's final in Rome, it's not as if one can escape the endless pro-Manure propaganda on the TV and radio. Strangely I sometimes find my dislike for Manu waning, but it never takes long for their arrogance and cockiness to rekindle my fire of discontent. Not only is Evra behaving like a cocky brat, but virtually every pundit and expert is talking up just how brilliant this Manure side is, thus writing off Barca's chances of victory. Firstly this Manu side is not a brilliant side, they are a solid team who are very good at beating the lesser sides, but their record against the bigger teams is actually rather average. They admit that their own players cheat, at least even Evra occasionally gets it right.

They are the masters of grinding out boring 1-0 victories, they are not the flowing 'joy to watch' which the media pretend they are. Also their manager Alex Ferguson, despite mellowing in recent years, is still a rather repugnant individual. In reality he only gets such good coverage in the media because journalists have learnt that asking him hard questions or not bending over for a standard Fergie delivery will not be good for their career prospects. His bullying arrogance deserves contempt, not the respect that the cowardly media afford him.

The media has gone into super sycophantic overdrive for this final, I even heard Manure fans referred to as a lovely bunch on the BBC the other day, strange comment given their large hooligan following and generally nasty nature. I was somewhat comforted by the fact that the Manu players' wives are generally not the fittest considering the players' riches. Obviously I am otherwise a huge fan of Manu, but I will not be supporting them tonight, strange that. Come on you Barca, even though they have big defensive problems for tonight, they still have a good chance of embarrassing those obnoxious men from Manchester. Barca have nothing to lose given how over-hyped and over-fancied Manure have become, a Manu win is expected while a Barca win would be a brilliant egg-on-face special. Mind you if Manu win, I may indulge myself by using that Sun centre page victory pull out as bog roll for a day or two.


Anonymous said...

'Man U's biggest means feat in itself'

I loved that. Good article.

Ted said...

Given that Barca have made it their jobs in recent years to undermine our players and buy them, I struggle to support them. But then Manure are despicable and the thought of fat wayne crying on his pastie & chips would cheer me up no-end.

Anonymous said...

I want Barca to win but win big,i sick to death of the media putting out rubbish of how great this manure team is???really as stated then why does it struggle against teams on par with itself?also the media constantly putting a CHEAT on a pedestal for kids, as well as ugly twat like shrek, to follow,what a role model!.I do wish we had reporters who would have balls to write the real news!!!COME ON BARCA!!!!

Anonymous said...

Barca to win tonight and hopefully it will shut this pathetic media up!!It hasn't been a exciting season regardless what the media says.Every time i read the sports papers you have a constant pile of crap on manure etc,etc it's gets ridiculous.Manure are guilty of being 1 of the clubs instrumental of pushing up players price's and the way clubs treat fans as customers instead of supporters with constant shirt changes and over-priced merchandise.Hopefully there bubble will burst and there debts will called in.