Saturday 23 May 2009

Dust settles and trophy near

The season is almost gone and despite our lack of success it´s hard to claim that it hasn´t been packed with excitement and drama, personally I´ve enjoyed things a lot more than I´ve not enjoyed them if that makes any sense. Some of the lack of enjoyment has come as a result of certain so called Arsenal supporters who have not covered themselves in glory with their words outside and inside the stadium.

The lack of respect for a man who has worked so hard and so very successfully for our football club is utterly unacceptable, Arsene makes this point very clearly and I agree 100%:

"There are two things in our job. Criticism I accept with respect. Disrespect I don't accept and don't respect."

This was not an isolated incident, it has been a gradual creep over recent years, it appears that some people have very few manners and minimal brain capacity, they say things and write without thinking, and sometimes the end product is offensive bile. Even if there is a point beneath the bile, it is completely lost when the criticism is delivered with such a crushing lack of manners. There is an element of deliberate sensationalism about it too, attracting readers by being more extreme a la Sun is the way some people work.

Arsene deserves some criticism for this seasonś efforts no doubt, but I think there is a way of delivering the criticism without offending anyone. Anyway enough of the boring moralistic ranting, the youth team are on the verge of a great achievement, they won the first leg of the Youth cup against the scousers 4-1 yesterday, so maybe we´ll have a trophy after all. It should certainly not be forgotten what miracles Arsene has worked with out youth system, we now have a conveyor belt of talent in place for years to come that is the envy of many other clubs. Great work Arsene.


Rhinogooner said...

To be honest, I have not been happy with the manager's comments since the shareholders Q&A. I don't think he or the club have handled it well and they've distorted the proportion of the level of disrespect and negativity in the questioning as far as I can see based on what was reported.

I'm not going to break down the hollowness in his arguments and comments since then. But I will say that I've seen holes in each response he has given to the media in regards to the fans' perspective on our season and the players failings.

But I would like to point out that throughout the season, Mr. Wenger has made many comments after matches that I have found not only embarrassing, but insulting to my intelligence. I find his excuses to be disrespectful to the supporters.

He should have just got on with things rather than comment repeatedly. Taken the criticism on the chin and used it as inspiration to prove everyone wrong.

Let's not kid ourselves, this season has been a let down. I wish the club was humble enough to recognize that and stop trying to put falsely positive spin on it. It's okay to admit it. I could feel like the club is one with the supporters if they wouldn't always try to fool us into thinking everything is rosy.

The future is bright, but I anxiously await the time when that bright future is the present...

1979gooner said...

Well said Rhino.

I think the truth is somewhere inbetween.

Arsene has to keep defending his players, but deep down I am sure he realises his mistakes now, if mot we are in trouble nexy season.

K man said...

I agree with both of you.

AW knows he's made mistakes but is too proud and protective of the players to admit it publicly. However, the strength of anti-Wenger feeling from some fans has been poor. Just think back to the Graham days - the turgid football, lack of flair, crap passing. Wenger has made us the envy of most clubs for our beautiful football. Respect that.