Thursday 14 May 2009

Old Trafford again, business and ten things

So it's the mancs again, anyone expecting to come away with anything more than zero points put your hands up, I thought so, we're hardly on the crest of the wave at the moment. Arshavin returns but it's the state of our defence that is of real concern, Almunia looks to be out, while Gallas and Clichy remain out, only a mad Arsenal man would be feeling confident going into this one. Amazingly Tomas Rosicky has made a return to full training after many many months out of action, whether he can stay fit and play some games remains to be seen, but good luck Tomas.

At least the boss can see our defence is so very weak, but as well know you defend as a team and it's not as simple as buying one defender, if only it were. Many other bloggers have commented on the sensible comments that we've recently heard from our new CEO Ivan Gazidis, he certainly talks a good game, let's hope the rest of his skills are up to scratch. Arsene certainly felt the heat as he was given a good grilling by shareholders yesterday; although there was possibly a lack of respect shown at times, for example when Silvestre was labelled 'geriatric' by one shareholder, you can't help but feel that Arsene must realise that these people have a point, even if they could express themselves a bit more eloquently at times. The truth is often somewhere in between, some excellent analysise from Arseblogger.

On the transfer front I particularly liked ACLF's take on some of the lazy media banter we've been witness to in recent weeks, unfortunately this appears on the tip of the iceberg, we've a whole summer of it to look forward to. I have to say I disagree strongly with ACLF's defense of Adebayor:

"Cultural differences need to be recognised and less castigation of a man who grew up surrounded by poverty and hardship."

I don't expect to like all Arsenal players as people and I can freely admit that even if Ade had banged in thirty this season, I would still think that he's a wanker, that's just the person he is. It's nothing to do with 'cultural differences' or 'poverty', he's just a wanker, plus this season he's shown himself to be a bit of a lazy wanker at times too. If he was doing the business on the pitch and putting the effort in, then I'd be happy to have him being a wanker in an Arsenal shirt, as it is I'd rather he buggered off elsewhere to languidly stroll around the pitch for his few hundred grand a week. Anyway I'd just thought I'd finish with a list of ten things to do before you become tempted to start speculating about Arsenal transfer targets:

1. Laugh at Tottenham.

2. Laugh at Harry Redknapp's twitch (often a pre-recorded clip on the VCR helps).

3. Tell the Mrs to shut up and stop watching Friends on the TV.

4. Watch a rerun of an old Arsenal victory and pretend the last couple of weeks never happened.

5. Pick out your nasal hair with tweezers.

6. Have a proper beer, none of that fizzy lager piss.

7. Shout some incoherent abuse at the TV.

8. Repeat 6 and then 7 until sufficiently inebriated.

9. Pass out gently on the sofa and dream of title success next season.

10. Wake up with a cracking headache and realise that you cannot quite remember if Arsenal have won a trophy this season, wait a few minutes for the headache to worsen and for the grim reality of our season to hit you hard in the face, now you can consider speculating on future Arsenal transfer targets.


Obsinho said...
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Obsinho said...

The tide of opinion on Ade certainly seems to have changed in recent weeks, and it seems to be fairly set. He is not a popular guy.

Wenger's comments at the Shareholder meeting where less than categorical in dismissing speculation of selling him. He was dropped for the CHelsea game, and then was shown up hugely again by Nicky B. Then again so was RvP to some extent. BUt at least you can see RvP putting everything in, even if the end product isn't there.

I think I just about trust Wenger to do the right thing on this one, but in my opinion we could cope without Ade next season if we play the way we all think we should. Arsh, Nick, RvP, Carlos, Theo and Jay Simpson is enough I would suggest

Obsinho said...

Just seen this extraordinary comment from benitez as to why United will win again. It is entirely true of course, but seems remarkable coming from someone who has spent more than £40m every year since he has been in charge!

"When you talk about United you're talking about a side spending big, big money on every player, every season.

"For me that is the main difference between the teams," said Benitez. (

Obsinho said...

Very interesting video interview with Ade - I think he is off.....

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Obsinho said...

I think Rose likes me.

Uncle Mike said...

Emmanuel Adebayor reminds me of Alex Rodriguez. As a fan of the New York Yankees, I'm happy that they won today on a home run in the bottom of the 11th, but did it have to be A-Rod who hit it? Sure, in May, but what about August, and September, and, if you get past that, October, when titles are on the line?

Like Adebayor, he's an expensive wanker who bottles it when he's needed most -- and I may be the first person to describe A-Rod in English football terms.

And then, when I discovered Arsenal, I met... Adebayor. Oy, what have I done to deserve both A-Rod and Ade? (I can't blame it on waiting until 2008 to discover Arsenal, because A-Rod was already plaguing me.)

Very nice game by Arsenal today. If today's Denilson had been the whole season's Denilson, it might've been a different story. Sagna was terrific. Gibbs appears to be not fazed at all by his earlier slip-up against Man U. Fabregas looked closer to the popular image of him as "an absolute god." And Fabianski put up his best performance of the season. Held the bastards off for 93 minutes.

And still, when the whistle blew, Nevada Smith's in New York was a mess of awful singing (I should say "slurring") and various fluids being sprayed about (not just booze but spit and... possibly others). "We won the League in Man-ches-ter!" No, you won it in the Borough of Trafford, you glory-hunting numbskulls! Did you think the Americans in the bar didn't know that?

But Arsenal could hold their heads high today. They brought their A game, and refused to be intimidated by ManUre, the paid-off refs (seriously, 5-0 in yellow cards in Fergie's favor, after out-diving Chelski?), and the 70,000 muppets at Old Trashdump. If they'd played like this all season, who knows.

I was proud of... I guess now I can say it with no irony... my boys today. And I look forward to the next season.

Let's see, about the top ten...

1. Did it. A Spurs fan walked into Nevada's, tried to talk trash about Arsenal. As they say in N'Yawk, "Da noive o' dat bum!" I started the "You won the League! In black-and-white!" song. Which reminds me: I haven't seen such a celebration of a game that ended in a tie (in any sport) since the last North London derby. Maybe ManUre can borrow Spurs' DVD marketers.

2. I don't know where Harry will take his itchy twitchy feeling next season, but the bozo he replaced, Juande Ramos, probably won't be back at Real Madrid, maybe he'll go there!

3. No can do, don't have a Mrs. yet, do like Friends. But give me some credit: I had a thing for Courteney Cox instead of Jennifer Aniston. I didn't go for the trendy one.

4. Did it the night before, with help from Colin Firth. Much better than that baseball version where (ewwww... ) the Boston Chelseas won, even if Drew Barrymore is so much cuter than Ruth Gemmell.

5. Tweezers? You need tweezers?

6. No chance, there were too many people between me and the bar, unless you count the beer that was being sprayed in celebration by the ManUre fans.

7. Did it, especially at Fergie's friends (the refs).

8. 7, yes; 6, no.

9. Remains to be done.

10. Speculation on future Arsenal transfer targets... I know one player Arsenal might get is this Czech player I've been hearing so dang much about, a guy named Rosicky. Any chance of him playing for Arsenal next season?

(If you want to move the part of this comment that refers to today's match to tomorrow's AAB entry, go ahead.)

1979gooner said...

I agree Uncle Mike,

Denilson was great, the team played much better overall, a bit of pride restored.

Agree on the ref, very one sided officiating.

Bloody Manu fans, sounds very painful.