Friday 22 May 2009

Hull chatting breeze, who would have thought

As many of us had suspected would be the case, the FA have found there was not enough evidence to come anywhere near to proving that Cesc had done anything wrong after our FA Cup victory over Hull. Really it is a disgrace that charges were even considered given the contradictory nature of Hull´s accusations. Even the FA couldn´t dare charge a player for daring to celebrate a victory, no matter of their dislike for our mighty North London cannons.

Brian Horton appears nothing more than a foul mouthed vindictive loser given his appalling behaviour on the touchline against Arsenal and in subsequent games for Hull. There are rumours circulating that the 4th official on the night was a close friend of Horton´s, so even with this in Hull´s favour they couldn´t come close to proving their wild conjecture. Phil Brown´s conduct was a disgrace in itself and it would be no suprise if he is punished by the FA for his abusive comments aimed at the referee, in reality he is fortunate that he is not facing further charges for his attempts at pinning blame away from his own dirty doorstep. Anyway I shall hold no grudges, we should rise above these loose cannons and prove we are a class above the likes of Hull. Come on you Gunners.

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Rhinogooner said...

If The Arsenal carried themselves in the vindictive manner that Phil Brown behaves in, we would have reported Horton for his vitriolic and scurrilous ranting at Mr. Wenger and our players all match long.

It would have been right to do so. But we show our class by restraining ourselves.

The best reward would be seeing Phil Brown's contorted face as the goal is scored to consign them to relegation in the last minute of the match on Sunday.

Yeah I am still bitter about the whole affair :-)