Thursday 7 May 2009

Let's all laugh at Chelsea!

I haven't laughed so much in quite a while, what a fantastic finish to the Chelsea Barca game last night, I can't stop smiling this morning, thank you very much Mr Iniesta!

As you may have gathered I am not a big Chelsea fan and last night showed precisely why. Of note in the first leg Barca had a genuine 'stonewall' penalty not given, while Ballack should have been sent off for a second yellow when he cynically chopped down a Barca player in a very dangerous position. The Barca players didn't lose their rag, they didn't feel the need to surround and swear at the referee.

In the second leg Chelsea were a bit unfortunate with the odd decision, however virtually all of their penalty appeals were for non penalties. The Drogba dive was no penatly, the Eto'o handball was clearly not intentional, their best case for a penatly was the Pique handball but even that was debatable. It must also be remembered that the Abidal sending off was clearly an error, Anelka tripped over his own feet.

Luckily football won the day, Chelsea did defend well, however the side that tried to play the football has triumphed and that is a good thing. Ballack's barracking and almost rugby tackling of the referee was an absolute disgrace on its own, he should have seen red. The behaviour that followed from Drogba, Terry et al was amongst the worst behaviour I have ever seen from footballers on the football field. Drogba's pathetic performance can be viewed here, Terry was aggressive as always and the poor ref apparently needed a police escort out of the country in the early hours of the morning, Chelsea fans are such lovely mild mannered people aren't they.

One of the most amusing parts of this whole episode is that quite a few Chelsea fans are so deluded that they believe other supporters feel empathy for their position. I feel no empathy for these pathetic morons. The club should have the book thrown at them by UEFA, they should be banned from Europe for a season, they have already been warned repeatedly by the FA as regards their intimidation of officials, this is a new low even for them and that's saying something. Losing with dignity is not something Chelsea are capable of, their club has very little class, just because they can throw around blank cheques they think they can bully people and demand exactly what they want. Chelsea are the epitomy of the lack of class and sportsmanship, and the greed that we need to stamp out of the modern game. My heart bleeds, it really does.


Jeff said...

Glad to see Chelsea out. Still gutted from the FA Cup Semi-Final.

Ted said...

i bet 1979 would not have shown this level of support for the ref if arsenal were involved!

still, it goes to show that anything can happen in football.

chelsea were 90 seconds away from boring their way past Barca. And in a way, the entire philosophy of playing attacking football was at stake. I was 90 seconds away from saying "right, that's it, having midgets like Iniesta, Messi and Xavi are no match for thugs like Ballack and Lampard".

But then Iniesta scored, and in a way, my faith was restored in what wenger is trying to do.

p.s. for all the adebyor haters out there. Eto'o did the square root of fuck all over two legs. And Manure did not even bring a proper centre forward to the Emirates (Rooney doesn't count as a proper striker).

The only striker who has played well in the champs league semi finals was Drogba, and he is an unbelievable diving arsehole. If he wasn't, then I bet the ref would have given Chelsea a penalty.

1979gooner said...

The ref was poor.

Nothing can excuse Chelsea's reaction though

Si said...

Drogba should be shot in the sack. What a cunt fudge.

Anonymous said...


its amazing how the papers present the handballs as fact rather than debatable.

pique definitely had a handball, i thought that was a bad non-call, but it evened out with adibal's sending off which was pretty harsh. they're not complaining about losing to a team that was a man down, on the road, and down a goal.

eto'o was turned away and the ball hit the shoulder area, that was no handball.

mixed feelings about the Chelsea team's reaction following the game. disgraceful, yet passionate.

at least William Gallas hit the signage in Birmingham rather than the ref, but .... huh what, I always go back to that. i don't know why.

right on with the post. Chelsea deserved to lose for the way they play. hopefully the Gunners can put a hurting on them...

and at least there is a team to root for in the Final this year.


Anonymous said...

I thought one of Drogba's ones deserve a penalty - tug of the shirt. But that is karma for diving the whole game.
Malouda one wasnt as the inital foul was outside the area
Pique one - definitely a handball, but if you are right and Barcelona didnt get one in the first leg then that evens the ledger
Eto's hit in the shoulder region and was impossible to stop.

Obsinho said...

They were not all penalties. Simple as that. Drogba has no excuse - if you spend your whole career trying to con the referee by diving, fouling and feigning injury then you cannot expect him to be faultless. In fact, you need a weaker ref to buy your own attempts to steal an advantage. Same with Ballack.

So, the book should be thrown as hard as possible in Drogba's face. That was not passion, it was idiocy and it was thuggery. It is what inspired their base fans to threaten to kill a ref. Chelsea should also be fined for failing to criticed his behaviour, and for allowing their players to behave like that.

Enough of that. Chelsea lack class - we've known that for ever.

However, was it me or were there players on the pitch after the final whistle who weren't in the match day squad? Surely UEFA will be fining them, or have the FA acted on their own rules in attacking Fabregas?