Sunday 21 December 2008

Webb you cretin and Arbeloa you cheat

I will keep this short, firstly Howard Webb's decision to send Emmanuel Adebayor for holding off a defender was beyond words, it was not even a foul, while Arbeloa's theatrics were a disgrace, Adebayor's arm stays still next to his body, there is no foul, no intent, nothing, it's just a scandalously bad decision. Secondly to the ten men, fantastic performance when up against it in the second half, we looked the better side, Denilson bustled outstandingly, Song defended hard, Diaby did what only Diaby can do, while RVP was electric up front.

Despite Liverpool's embarrassing gamesmanship which included the shirt tugging of Carragher and the cheating of Arbeloa, the credit must go to our ten men, that must have felt like a win in the dressing room, while Liverpool's players and fans must be thinking just how poor they were with a one man advantage. I feel the Arsenal crowd deserve a lot of credit because the volume went up a notch after the red card, we helped lift our boys through the rest of the game to get a very deserved point despite Webb's pitiful decisions. Babel last season, Arbeloa this, Liverpool are making a bit of a habit of this aren't they.


Anonymous said...

I don't like you north london guys but of course the decision was rubbish. You don't seem to understand that the Premier is not in the hands of managers or players but the far eastern gamblers. refs are easier to corall than players so check their off-shore bank accounts.

Anonymous said...

everything bout arsenal was brilliant except those few seconds of loss of concentration by djourou !! but its thrice in 4 games against liverpool now tht a bad decision has cost us !! anyway, hats off to the 10 men that played out of their socks !! and i really hope liverpool finish nowhere close to the top spot cuz they are cheats and deserve nothing more than boos !!

Anonymous said...

Arsenal made me proud after that display ... 10 men playing their hearts out and the crowd ... outstanding !!
games like these make you want to be at the ground.

about Coward Webb: he is a spud really, think about these decisions - wrong red card to Ade instead of Eboue for a phantom punch in CC final against Chelsea;Nasri wrestled to the ground by Vidic against at Emirates inside penalty area, no penalty;last man Carrick rugby tackles Diaby and impedes a clear goalscoring chance, no foul.
Coward Webb is a piss poor spud-supporting ref.

Ted said...

Having seen a replay of Adebayor on Arbeloa, I might concede that it was a minor foul. The lifted leg did not LOOK clever. But what absolutely makes me furious is that Arbeloa went down clutching his face, when there was no contact whatsoever above his chest, and appears to have escaped scot-free of criticism from most media. I just don't get it.

I also don't get why Diaby, Song and Denilson are facing critcism YET AGAIN from certain quarters. I thought they were outstanding.

Obsinho said...

Who is criticising Denilson and Song out of interest? Fairly pathetic if they are - Denilson was great all game, Song tore up the last 30. Diaby was fine - he started slow, but progressed well, and he offers something on the ball that no-one else does.

I know it is Arsenal paranoia, but if Stevie G had got sent off from Eboue clutching his face when Gerrard had touched his chest the story would be reversed.

Also, how the hell was Lucas not sent off. He got a warning at the end of the first half, committed another 5 or 6 fouls, then got a yellow for a foul identical for what Eboue got sent off for at Old Trafford.

Not a single comment in any media this morning about Webb's inability. Pathetic.

And I'm sure Glen Hoddle and Jamie Redknapp on Sky gave a massivley balanced account of the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

Crap decision on the red card but it enabled your players to show a bit of grit and determination at last. The crowd woke up, switched off their blackberrys and did what they do exceptionally well these days (booing incessantly). Well done - your intertoto cup spot is safe for now.


1979gooner said...

Spot on Ted and Obs.

The media reaction has been wholly pathetic and biased.

The Adebayor yellows were never cards, the second was arguably not even a foul.

As you say the media have just ignored Arbeloa's pathetic reaction, I think it was the over reaction of the Liverpool player that got him his first booking.

Lucas fouled, tugged and pulled all game and got a token yellow near the end, while Carragher tried to pull RVP's shirt off with two hands while on a yellow.

Song and Denilson were f*cking magnificent in the second half, the retards who continue to criticise them clearly see what they want to see and not the reality of their performances.

Ted said...

Good to hear from the Chatterman. Long time no banter.

Arseblogger hates Song and Diaby and is pretty downbeat on Denilson. As is Goonerholic.

Milan beat Udinese 5-1 over the weekend. Flamini and Big Phil did not even make the bench, so fuck them.

It also needs to be said (capitals for shouting) THAT ALONSO WAS A MASSIVE BIG BAG OF SHITE YESTERDAY. AGAIN.

Thank fuck we didn't waste £18m on him.

Obsinho said...

It is starting to worry me that a lot of the players we have in the squad, Wenger doesn't trust.

Vela, Ramsey, Bendtner, Wilshere and maybe even Kolo and Silvestre. We decided to go with youngsters, and now he will only play Song and Denilson from that batch.

Is it an admission of error from Le Boss?

Ted said...

Wenger. Admission. Error. Dream on.

Vela looks a good player and has an active fan club, but i don't think he is there yet to be a first team regular. This was not the game to test him. Same goes for Wilshere and Ramsey.

These guys are good but need time. Lionel Messi they are not.

Kolo has had a difficult season. A loss of form and some injury problems. I hope he comes through this.

Bendtner and The Fish are different. Both look "squad players" to me and should only be used in case of dire need. Both will lose their places in the squad when/if Eduardo and Kolo are back.

K man said...

I thought Song was really good and the back 4 (Johan's lapse of concentration aside) were excellent. Class finish from RVP. It was really annoying to concede another sloppy goal though - great finish by Keane but he should never had the chance...long ball has done us again. Strangely we seemed to play better once Ade went off and my feeling is that this team only really plays well when it's forced to e.g. Chelsea away a goal down, Fenerbace away with the crowd against us, yesterday with 10 men. Wenger needs to learm how to motivate these guys against the less good teams. Then we might have a decent chance of winning something.

Liverpool were dire. I would actually rather Man Poo or Chelski won the league than the dirty scousers.

Feed the Scousers, let them know it's Christmas time!

Anonymous said...

great job after adebayor got his second yellow.
it was total b.s. (although the yellow against keane was a bit harsh too)

it didn't make sense considering what Lucas got away with.

the meddling cost the Arsenal what would have been a victory.

i hope cesc isn't out too long.

they HAVE to beat Villa...