Tuesday 9 December 2008

A campaign of misinformation

It's funny how those who know they are in the wrong will change their story time and time again because there is no logic to their argument, well we've seen this in classical fashion with the bizarre justifications for the booing of Emmanuel Eboue. I know it's all getting rather boring, but this story is running and running in the media and it's getting twisted to resemble nothing close to the reality of the situation. Even tonight I've heard football pundits saying that the Arsenal fans were right to make a stand against diving by booing Eboue, this campaign of misinformation should not continue.

Firstly it is pretty clear that a rather large majority of Gooners feel that the booing was bang out of line, so any talk of this being some kind of majority of opinion is well wide of the mark, it was very un-Arsenal like as Goodplaya puts it. Next the idea that Eboue was booed for his performance is at best only partially true, he was abused by our so called 'supporters' even while he warmed up on saturday, this abuse certainly continued and reached a crescendo later on, so this talk of him being abused for his performance is a manipulation of the facts. Likewise the reasoning that our poor performances have been down to Eboue is not born out by the facts, he was one of our better players against Fulham, didn't play against Stoke, City and Villa, while he by no means stood out as our worst player against Hull.

I've not doubt he's not the answer to our left midfield gap, however he's a very decent back up right back and he has put in a few decent performances in the centre of the park this season, he's a very useful squad player. He has also stopped the theatrics in which he indulged on a regular basis. Anyway that's enough of Eboue, because this isn't about Eboue, it's not about fans making a stand against cheating. It also wasn't a protest against Arsene Wenger, if anyone wants to make a protest then may I suggest they start booing Arsene at our next home game and I hope the people sitting near them tell them where to stick that one. As Alan Hansen writes so eloquently, when has booing ever helped a player, this pathetic behaviour can be amazingly counterproductive and destructive for individuals and for teams.

Eboue was a scapegoat, he was an easy target for the lazy cretins who can't be bothered to engage their solitary neurones on more than a monthly basis, Denilson and Song have been scapegoated to a lesser degree at other times this season. Eboue has been abused at other games this season, for example the Hull game, he wasn't playing that badly and he certainly wasn't diving, but this didn't stop some of our lovely supporters venting their spleens. For example after one game in which Song completed 55 of 58 passes and which we won against very high quality opposition, one expert blogger thought that he would lay into the young man and criticise how many times he gave the ball away. This sums up the level of cretinism we are dealing with here.

As society becomes more materialistic and litigious, people are more and more aware of what they do not have, rather than being appreciative of what they do have. The sad thing is that these people will only realise what they had when it is gone. Like the morons that were calling for Fergie to be sacked a couple of years back, these supporters have lost touch with reality and see success not as a possibility but as a divine right to which they are more entitled than anyone else.

Arseblogger spoke of the Eboue abuse : "This wasn't an orchestrated campaign, it was a spontaneous reaction". No doubt it wasn't orchestrated, however this does not make it ok, far from it, it was a deeply embarrassing moment for many a proper Arsenal fan. Many angry mobs have done some very nasty things in a spontaneous fashion, this doesn't make it ok. The booing of Emmanuel Eboue was a disgrace, he didn't deserve the treatment he got on Saturday and he hasn't deserved the abuse he's received at many other games this season. I know it's controversial and unpopular to say so but some of our fans are idiots of the highest order, it's only a small minority but it's a minority that's getting bigger and that's ruining games for the majority of us who want to support our team. If anyone starts abusing an Arsenal player at any Arsenal game in the future then I suggest you turn to them and tell them to f*ck off and support Tottenham instead.


K man said...


Anonymous said...

Excellent article. Very good and honest analysis of the issue.

Ted said...

K-Man has been very irritable since he lost his beard. However, I tend to agree that the Eboooue debate is now dead.

What is perhaps a more interesting issue from 1979's post is whether we should take up 1979's advice to tell our fellow Arsenal fans to fuck off and support Tottenham if they boo Eboue.

I like the idea, but given that these people are, by popular consent, idiots, I suspect we will have pitched battles breaking out all round the Emirates between Arsenal fans.

Some people consider its right for "real fans" to show their feelinsg and criticise players who are not good enough (e.g. the chavs at Le Grove.) Those people will also quite happily get into an argument and would probably tell 1979 that it is actually him or should fuck off and support tottenham.

And therein lies the problem. As has already been pointed out, the new stadium means that a lot more new blood gets to regularly watch arsenal games and the cunt-factor has escalated massively.

I think we need to make a stand against them, behind Big Man obviously. But we'll be right behind him.

Anonymous said...

i have been reading your blog ever since the preseason, and i for one have been thoroughly impressed by your objective views which in some posts are better than arseblog or gunnerblog.

Your reaction to eboue's booing was exemplary.I for one think hes grown to a pretty decent right midfielder who can link up passes and provide intelligence in the box(the backheeled assist to rvp??)

Even if the player is poop, he has done nothing to the arsenal fans directly to cause such an outburst.Always willing, and able,eboue has been played out of position a myriad times but has never once complained.

At the end, a big FUCK YOU to all the fucking cunts who booed eboue.fucking disgrace.

1979gooner said...

thanks uhhmm,

kman, it's a point of principle, anyone with a bit of humanity in them could see that what eboue got on saturday was out of line, look at his face, he's a bit of an idiots but he didn't deserve that,


agreed, telling them to f*ck off may not be sensible, how about:

"please kind sir, would you please refrain from your lazy scapegoating and redirect your obvious energy towards supporting the mighty arsenal instead"

Ted said...

"otherwise my good friend, Mr Big Man, will gladly pull your head off and eat your heart. Thank you kindly".

1979gooner said...

hope k man is hungry....

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