Wednesday 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas one and all

So it's that time of year again, some people will join to worship a bearded man who lived (or not as the case may be) many hundreds of years ago and others will not, they will get drunk and watch the football. I know which one I'll be doing and it won't have anything to do with beardy men.

So Cesc is out for four months, that's a big blow even if he isn't in the form of his life. We have reasonable cover in the centre of the park, however we are thread bare on the flanks with Theo out for another month or two, Rosicky out forever and Nasri rarely fit for more than a couple of games at a time.

What do you want for christmas? Well with so many fixtures in the league, FA cup and champions league coming up we need at least one or two new faces to provide support to our already weary cohorts. I'd say the midfield is where we need the supplies shipped it, we certainly could do with another wide man and another central midfielder, certainly one of whom should have a bit of experience.

The other thing I'd like for Christmas is for the fans to support the players come what may, as we did against Liverpool on Sunday, there's no point scapegoating individuals when the going gets tough, let's get behind the lads and give them as much backing as possible. If the volume at the Emirates can hit the volumes of Sunday against the lesser sides then it would definitely add a few points to our total come May. I'd also agree with other blogs on the stewarding front, the club really should show more common sense and encourage people to stand, less of the officious stewarding please.

Anyways come on you Gunners, let's get three points against the Villa on Sunday, good news is that Laursen's out. We'll need to defend well, especially against the pace of Young and Agbonlahor, we must not defend too high up the pitch and leave them the room in behind. Finally good luck to Jay Simpson at West Brom and get well soon Cesc.


Anonymous said...

can cescs injury be a blessing in disguise for arsenal?

Not to take anything away from our captain, its just that, huge expectations (always) have coincided with a natural bad patch for cesc, making life all the more difficult for him.To be really really honest, denilson has had a better season than cesc.As hleb said in the previous season concerning henry , that, everyone was giving him - and he demanding it as well - the ball to make things happen.His departure forced eveyone to wake up.I hope it does the same to our midfielders.

Concerning the transfer market, i want arsenal to a) not go for a conventional destroyer, but for a determined playmaker who can defend.

b)A creative winger, the reyes/hleb/pires type.

1979gooner said...

I hope so too, I reckon Denilson could really shine.

There would always be room for a Pires type, what a player.