Sunday 28 December 2008

Pompey preview and transfer latest

So it's Pompey today and there is no room for any more slip ups today, three points really are a must against an out of form struggling Pompey side. Cesc obviously remains out, while Eduardo will be another few weeks, doubts also remain over Djourou and Song who have picked up mild muscular injuries recently.

The welcome news is the return of Ade to partner RVP up front, Gael Clichy will hopefully return to the fray to replace the tired and lethargic Silvestre whose best days are clearly behind him. The midfield is the problem area with the injuries mounting, as well as the lack of cover in central and wide areas. Ramsey is likely to play if Song does not, however the thought of Emmanuel Eboue starting another game in the midfield doesn't fill me with joy. I'd be tempted to stick young Carlos Vela on the left side, then switch Samir Nasri to the right.

The defence is a big problem area, not only are they getting precious little help from the midfield, but we have too many players struggling for form. Gallas' tired error for the penalty appeared the act of a player who didn't really care, while Toure's woeful performance was sad to see, he is but a shadow of his former self. Silvestre hasn't looked like an answer, Djourou has been our only shining light, however it was his error which allowed Keane a free run to score from the long ball for Liverpool. I remember saying at the time that it was strange to be letting big Phil go to Milan and bringing in Silvestre, certainly big Phil would probably walk into our side at the moment.

It's almost silly season time, the January transfer window opens on the 1st for 30 days in total, while we're on the subject I just cannot understand why we have a window, it's so very pointless and stupid. The rumours are starting to fly, some more bizarre than others. There's no doubt in my mind that if we are to bring players in in January then they must be already adapted for premiership duty, there really is little point in bringing in a new player from a vastly different league who then has to get used to a new club, new team mates and a completely different style of football.

Olivier Dacourt is one player rumoured to be available, and he has shown some sense in falling out with Jose Mourinho at Inter, at 33 years he might not be the most stupid piece of short term business as long as he's fully fit. The Newcastle trio of Given, Taylor and N'Zogbia is also doing the rounds. Personally Given is no improvement on Almunia who's had a good season, while Taylor is not the most mobile, I do however like N'Zogbia who is a hard working talented left sided midfielder who could add a bit of bite to our left side, possibly freeing up Nasri to play centrally or on the right.

The speedy Portsmouth centre back Sylvin Distin is also being linked, he is big, strong and quick but I haven't really see enough of him to judge his consistency. One player I know is out of contract in the summer is Jimmy Bullard, he would fit the bill, he's an up and down midfielder with great ability on the ball who isn't afraid to get stuck in. The rumours will continue to flow, and frankly I've no idea who we'll sign, if anyone; we could certainly do with a bit more bite in our midfield though, and I don't think we're lacking in the technical ball playing department.


Anonymous said...

Arsenals current predicament is exactly why a Jan transfer window is absolutely necessary. Wenger has cocked up the start of the campaign and needs to redress the situation right quick. The midfield is clearly in need of big help, but so is our team defense which is generally woeful and at times non-existent. Given would be an improvement but Wenger lacks the decisiveness for such a move. It's far more likely we pick up a no name midfielder for a hefty mid season fee that makes little difference to this season. Still it's vital that the squad be improved in any way possible as the importance of a top four finish cannot be under-estimated. We can only hope Wenger's done his homework and the new additions are standing by.

1979gooner said...

I'm not sure I buy your logic about the need for a transfer window!

As not having a window would mean that we could sign people all the way through the season, as in the good old days.

Anonymous said...

Ah, well yes I see your point, i mistook your view for not favouring a window at all. It's academic though, we know the rules, and yes it's time to buy. I hope is a true dm with mobility, steel and size and can show our lads how to play team defense.

plAy0n said...

Almunia is not a top 4 goalie shay given is much better then almunia better decision making more experienced and definitley a better shot stopper then almunia no two ways about it wouldnt mind Nzogbia quick left footed technical and has a decent cross could also cover left back if clichy is injured taylor is a player i dont know much about so wont comment on but from the rumors going around Upson is for sale at West Ham why wouldnt be in for him he is good in the air an arsenal junior and english a few things which this arsenal squad lacks lets just hope arsene does get the cheque book out.

Anonymous said...

for once, i disagree.I do not think theres any need to buy, not even in defence or midfield.
Gallas and Toure are putting in 100% of late..and itll show sooner than later.Gallas for one was impervious until and only until that penalty, which was kinda sorry for ap layer having such a great game.

On the dm part.I do not think we need a "dm".The way this Arsenal squad plays is much more different than any other Arsenal squad ive seen.Buying a dm would increase the pressure put on fabregas by opponents, and as a result, the quick outlet will be this arsenal builds its moves from the midfield up...instead of looking usually for a quick through to a forward and then the midfield catching up.With man marking increaed on fabregas our chances of a decent o[en play break will be limited.
Wenger is right about shared leadership.This Arsenal side do not need much, and one can feel as if the pot of gold is JUST around the corner.

Good luck today to Arsenal.

Anonymous said...

We miss Flamini who use to break up the opposition attacks and protect the back four so Cesc could direct the game maybe scott parker could do that job we also need a commanding center back but that going to be hard to find!!!Cruz of blackburn would be a good buy i rate him above adebayor.But Arsene must get experienced players to help this young side as against the lower sides we seem void of any plan but the opposite against scum utd etc.But keep in mind that we have half a team out injured but that is shown we lack squad depth but a couple of good buys in jan and we get fourth or third but if not we struggle.

Anonymous said...

I'm a toon fan and reckon Given is streets ahead of Almunia, N'Zogbia would also be a good signing for you guys.
Given has been a wonderful servant for Newcastle and deserves the chance to win some silverware (sadly unlikely to happen at the toon )
Not to sure about Taylor - the only reason he gets picked for toon is because he's a local lad - he makes quite a lot of mistakes that have cost us dearly - then again we like our poor defenders up here (Boumsong, Bramble etc)