Friday 26 December 2008

Gallas blues and a game of two halves

What a game of football, we rode our luck to go in one nil up at half time, but then we played at outstanding second half of football and were undone by a stupid Gallas tackle and one piece of poor defending at the death. Bollocks, but in reality a draw was a fair result despite it feeling rather frustrating when we were so very close to a win.

The second goal was breathtaking. Diaby tricked his way past his man on the half way and moved the ball to Eboue, he held it and moved towards the box, he committed Davies and then slotted Diaby in, he then clipped it over the keeper, what a counter.

We then had two cracking chances to put the game beyond Villa, who looked like they were running out of steam. RVP really should have scored from six yards but struck the post after good build up again from Diaby. Ramsey then floated in a lovely cross to find RVP's head, again six yards out, it was mistimed and well wide.

Then a moment of madness from Gallas, he slid in from behind when there really wasn't a great deal of danger and it looked a penalty to me, Barry made no mistake. Villa didn't really look like scoring, we didn't have a great deal to do defensively other then an exceptional blocking tackle from Sagna on Young. Then in stoppage time, we were somehow outnumbered at the back, a tame cross broke to Knight, who took his chance well to be fair.

Gutting to concede so late when we had been by far the better side in the second half. Ramsey and Denilson had excelled in the middle, Diaby had done the business in his favourite position, Eboue had been solid, Nasri had been the weak link. The defense did not have a good day, Sagna was the exception, the central pairing of Gallas and Toure had looked ropey all day long, too many poor clearances and not enough domination, Silvestre did ok for Silvestre.

So despite it feeling bloody negative, there are a lot of positives as well as negatives from today's game. Denilson, Ramsey and Song look the business while Eboue can take heart from his performance, as can the outstanding Sagna. Things are not right at the back, the injury to Djourou did not help by any means, but we simply don't look like holding onto decent leads this season and that's a big big worry. I hope Johan is back for the weekend, but maybe Arsene also has some ideas for the January window.


Anonymous said...

Arsen Wenger must go

Anonymous said...

That is not a game of football, it is a game of inconsistency and idiotic play by a team should have been on the top of the table. It proves the team isn't properly managed and coached, Arsen must go and play his game somehwere else.

1979gooner said...

A point away to Villa is a decent result, and over the whole game it was a deserved point.

Therefore to be calling for Arsene's head doesn't strike me as being particularly bright or sensible.

Who knows what's going with Gallas, it's a shame because he's a good player but his silly tackle today cost us dearly.

The defence is our number one priority, it needs sorting out.

Anonymous said...

I don't really fault Gallas for the tackle that cost the penalty, you win some, you lose some. A little bit of it had to do with how Ablonghor scored last game, by out-muscling, etc.

the tying goal was ridiculous. the draw was a fair result, but its just frustrating to blow leads. thats two games in a row where the Gunners could have put away.

Arsene Wenger must go . . . shopping. Of course he is not infallible, but he is a great coach. Anyone that can't see that is short-sighted.

Cesc's control and creativity was missed the first half, but it was impressive how they opened the second, its too bad they couldn't keep that up.

Cesc's injury will give AW an excuse to buy a couple of midfielders. I wonder who else? Definitely could shore up defensively.

Sagna was outstanding the whole game. .. Ramsey filled in pretty good, I think he should start ahead of Song...

Toure didn't look to great, maybe he's rusty, but he's been out of it for sometime...


1979gooner said...

I agree rahul!

The tottenham game was the worst because we were so so dominant that day.

We definitely need at least one, maybe two, midfielders.

Arsene really has to buy as if we get even more injuries we could be really scuppered.

I think Toure is rusty but that's only part of it, he plays better with a big dominant centre back alongside him, he is too similar to Gallas, it has to be Djourou and one of Toure and Gallas.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who AW will be picking up during the transfer window... I agree, probably one of Toure or Gallas will be gone, but I think it will be at the end of the season...

Its terrible to drop another two points, but on the bright side, its five without a loss in the prem. but today it really looks like it may be too late for the title. I can't see making up 10 points....

Need glory in the FA cup, and in Europe I guess. and of course, to secure a top 4 finish...

well cheers.


Anonymous said...

Its this sort of acceptance and tolerance for such results that is the reason arsenal are where they are now.sure if we hadnt screwed up so many times already this season then this would've been an alright result,but to say we played well and deserved a point and to be content with that is pathetic.villa should have mauled us and to be fair were unlucky not to be 3 or 4 up at half time.we've gone from the invincibles to this utter crap in such a short space of time and one has to admit that arsene has only this transfer window and possibly next summer before our current top class players leave us and all we'll have left is the leftover shite like song and bendtner

1979gooner said...

"Its this sort of acceptance and tolerance for such results that is the reason arsenal are where they are now."

What complete rubbish.

I think 'utter crap' is a little over the top for a team that is sitting fifth in the league and still going strong in Europe.

As things go a draw away to Villa is not a bad result, it's a tough place to go.

The nonsensical slating of the team no matter of the result is rather pathetic.

If we play well but don't win then these morons critise the team for not winning.

If we win luckily then the team is criticised for playing badly.

There's ne doubt that there have been some below par performances this season: stoke, fulham and home to villa stand out for me.

However trying to see things with some kind of perspective is not something to be criticised.

And claiming that this is the reason for our not being top of the league is frankly absurd.

Villa could have been 3 or 4 up if every chance had gone in! It's a massive if and you really are clutching at straws.

In the second half Almunia hardly had a thing to do other than pick the ball out of the net, while we could have easily had three or four at the other end ourselves. Less of the myopia please.

If you think that I've said we should be 'content' with a draw at any point then please point it out, otherwise please refrain from putting words into my mouth.

A draw was a fair enough result overall, it was a poor first half and a decent second half, it was an away point against a good side, that's that.

I have had enough of people criticising for the sake of it without coming up with anything at all constructive.

You only have to look at certain clubs like Man City and Spurs to see that flashing the cash is no surefire way to achieve success.

Undoubtedly we could do with a couple of top notch additions to the squad, however what we should not do is throw money at players for the sake of it, that could have a negative effect on the club and results.

In reality there are not many players around who are available in the window who would be of the calibre neccessary to improve our squad.

Despite what some people say as they link us to the likes of Green, Richards et al. They could do with a dose of reality and they should go and watch just how poor these guys have been for their struggling clubs this season.

The grass always appears greener, something that the incessant whingers would do well to recognise.

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