Friday 13 June 2008

Tabloid slurry

I never ceased to be amazed by the way in which baseless rumour is swallowed as unbridled fact by some rather naive and/or foolish sections of the Internet community and media. This piece of manure written in the Mirror demonstrates my point nicely:

"...But Wenger admits agreeing terms with the player could be difficult and Atletico would promise him more starts."

I would be more than a little surprised if Nasri went to Atletico, and the claim that Arsene 'admits agreeing terms could be difficult' appears to have been plucked out of complete fresh air. Then another hollow turd from Setanta with the following more than slightly dubious quote attributed to Arsene:
"I know him to be very, very good but I have decided that defenders are no longer necessarily needed for next season."
Quotes appear out of nowhere and are automatically assumed to be absolutely correct, even if Arsene has been talking openly about transfers on some obscure TV channel, something I very much doubt in the first place, then there is still the fact that the translation might well be slightly less than perfect as well. This article in the Telegraph is based on nothing but their speculation that someone might be about to do something, truly pathetic journalism.

The media often turns out out to be lying when it appears to tell the truth, so when they appear to be lying one can be pretty damn sure they are lying. I am sure we have all seen over the years how stories can be based on completely made up quotes from a 'close friend of the the player', yeah right, a 'close friend' who has never met the player but just so happens to work for our shitty tabloid paper and have a remarkable psychic gift that can predict the quotes of total strangers.
I wish some people would stop swallowing this horse shite. It's embarrassing enough to admit that one got sucked in by the odd tabloid rumour as a nipper, but there is no excuse for a grown adult with a brain. Journalists are about as trust worthy as politicians, in fact they are often rather closely allied to their buddies in positions of power, meaning that they invariably only care about advancing their own careers and not for the truth. There is a small minority of notable exceptions to this rule though. We should be a little more careful before we jump to dramatic conclusions, and we should not rely on shoddy journalism that is based on nothing but rumour. I know some people like to attract readers by peddling sensationalist pap and inventing stories, but we should not propagate this culture of ignorance by buying into it.


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Ted said...

Well said 1979. And it appears that Fusion 212 is a fan of yours as well.

I reckon we get the press we deserve - a chav nation of idiots watching big brother will tolerate the lowest levels of journalism. Most of them only look at the pictures.

1979gooner said...


a nation that gets all excited about a fat potato headed footballer who loves whores getting married to his slapper fiancee who is only in it for the cash

a nation who idolised a lack of education and chav culture

luckily I think there are a lot of people who are fed up with Wayne, Coleen and their ilk