Friday 20 June 2008

Supporting United

I'll be supporting Manchester United in their dispute with the spotty, petulant and nauseating Cristiano Ronaldo. The situation appears rather reminiscent of when a certain sulking Frenchman named Nicolas Anelka refused to play for us, whilst under a long term contract at the club, in seeking a lucrative move abroad.

It seems that Ronaldo is doing the same as Anelka did. The good news is that the club will be playing hardball. Personally I wish we had done the same when Anelka threatened his strike, I know there are financial implications but these arrogant self obsessed idiots need to be taught a lesson.

Contracts are two way streets. If a player expects a club to pay them massive wages and treat them with respect, then the player must reciprocate to some degree. Hence whilst under a long term contract a player must be prepared to see that contract out, it is simply not acceptable to openly court other clubs when one's club does not want to sell, let alone threaten to strike.

Manchester United are completely within their rights to refuse to sell Cristiano, and force him to play for the reserves for the rest of his contract. I think it's about time some of the bigger clubs did this to their disloyal and greedy players. These parasitic money grabbers are wrecking the game, they should think before they sign their lucrative long term contracts. I really hope that Cristiano is left to rot in the reserves for a few months, it will give him ample time in which to reflect on being such an arrogant obnoxious piece of shit. Or maybe the Glazers could arrange t a short trip to Guantanemo for a bit of an anal reconstruction?

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