Thursday 26 June 2008

Seeing what we want to see

It can be easy and sometimes convenient to see things in black and white, but the world is a little bit more grey than it first appears. I thought that this was particularly to the way that Torres' poor performance last night was turned into something 'majestic' by so many so called 'expert' commentators. It was the classical example of people having preconceived ideas and fitting these into their biased jigsaw puzzle, instead of trying to open their minds and see things a little bit more objectively.

Torres huffed and puffed, missed a few sitters, did a few of his embarrassing trademark dives with vigorous appeals, and was then subbed off for the much sharper Guiza. Torres is a very good striker, however he is not quite as good as some people seem to think, and his performance last night was certainly nowhere near as good as the commentators seemed to reckon, I also wonder why his diving is brushed under the carpet in such a manner. Bizarrely one commentator seemed to think that Guiza's quality performance which included a very well taken goal was largely thanks to Torres' endeavours, logic from the loony bin if ever there was. Some Arsenal fans have been singing Torres' praises while slagging off Adebayor, even when there is not much between them in the stats department as regards their goals to shots ratios, the grass does always appear greener on the other side.

There have been some great performances in the Euros, while it has also been rather amusing laugh at how bad some of the players we have been linked with have been. Take Mertesacker as one example, aka the tall sack of shite, admittedly he is tall so some Championship Managers amongst us put two and two together to make three by saying that he would be able to solve all our defensive problems; however his agility makes Phil Senderos look like a dainty ballerina, he is clearly not good enough to play for Arsenal. David Villa seems a tad overrated to me, great goals against Russia but he just seems a bit lightweight and might struggle to adjust to life in the Premiership. Finally a mention must go to Cesc Fabregas who was truly outstanding yesterday in Spain's semi final win, his comments earlier in the week on Barcelona et al typified what a remarkably intelligent and mature young man he is. Well done Cesc.


Ted said...

Posts crossed. Oh well.
Looks like we agree on Guiza, Torres and Villa.

Anonymous said...

I don't think people knock a £35,000 pound a week Ade, as much as the new £120,000 pound a week Ade.. And £30 million pounds to unload a greedy bastard seems good buisness..

1979gooner said...

sorry about that!

the ade situation is strange, personally I don't believe anything in the papers until there's some evidence for what is written,

there is a lot of rumour, but it's all baseless as yet,

hypothetically if he demanding that much cash, then it may be wise to cash in,

I'm not sure how much was down to ego and how much down to fatigue, but Ade's efforts seem to reduce for the final quarter of the season

Anonymous said...

wenger should offload adebayor, that has been my dream for the past couple of seasons, i can comfortably say that arsenal lost both champions league and premier league because of his lack of quality in front of goal.then he has the nerve to ask for a pay rise.

Ted said...

My dream has been about two girls in a bath of jelly. I can't comfortably say any more about it.

Anonymous said...

Well it came out of Ade's mouth today.
"i am going to sit down with my people next week and decide my future"
are you going to milan
"we will decide next week"