Sunday 29 June 2008

The premiership gluttons

If the quotes attributed to Emmanuel Adebayor are true then they reveal that a rather arrogant and deluded fool is residing in the Togolese's small cranial vault. They sum up just how far the club vs player pendulum has swung out of the realms of decency. It is true that clubs did have too much power in days of old, being able to treat players like slaves; however now players are routinely holding clubs to ransom, while showing no respect for their contracts or those who pay their exorbitant salaries. Emmanuel Adebayor behaviour sums up just how low the modern footballer has sunk, behaving in a similar manner to the equally arrogant Cristiano Ronaldo.

"Yes, I am still under contract to Arsenal but it's up to the directors to satisfy my demands or I'll leave."

No Emmanuel it is not up to the club to satisfy your greedy demands, you are under contract and cannot leave unless the club sanction it, I just wish the club had the guts to pop you into the reserves for the rest of your Arsenal days.

"If my good form of last season has increased my value, my employers have to take account of that."

Again Emmanuel, I appreciate you have the education of an West African pygmy shrew, however your employers are certainly not obliged to take into account one good season's work. By the same logic the club should have docked your salary for your rather profligate early games, you cannot have it both ways.

"I have to prepare for my retirement. Even if you are not scoring fine goals and you have money, you can enjoy a happy retirement."

These words demonstrate contempt for the many billions of people in the world who earn considerably less than yourself but will be able to find considerably more happiness than yourself because they are not greedy materialistic narcissists.

Emmanuel Adebyaor probably does not have the mental capacity to realise just how foolish his words are, if he did then he should be deeply embarassed by his behaviour. As a player I think Emmanuel Adebayor is great, a rough diamond that Arsene Wenger has been slowly polishing over the last few seasons, however he still has a very long way to go before he can think of himself as a top world player.

He has only had one season with a good goalscoring record, his finishing could be significantly improved, while if his ego continues to expand at its current rate then one his best attributes, his workrate, will probably be gone for good. I am losing my love for the game because of behaviour like this from players, I would rather win nothing than pay the likes of Adebayor a king's ransom. If these words are true then I hope we never ever see Emmanuel Adebayor in an Arsenal shirt again. The club is bigger than even the most arrogant narcissist.

ps Could Flamini's replacement be this man?


Obsinho said...

It is very disappointing to see players make comments like this. I think he should be heavily punished by the club prior to any sale. And I would also love it if the FA could charge him for bringing the game into dis-repute. I do think these are the most hideous comments I have heard from any footballer (I am sure all players think this way, but none of them have been so stupid/arrogant/cuntish to be willing to put this in the press) and would hope there were some body (club, league or other) who would react.

WHat a cunt. I don't want to sell him as he gets what he wants, but if he is ever on the bench or anywhere near the Emirates again I know an amount of my respect for Arsene will have disappeared forever.

K man said...

And you all told me that Ade was a legend.....I'm feeling very smug. Take the money guys - he's a twat and has always been. Still I will miss his chants.

Obsinho said...

Well the transfer window opens, and Chelsea have already made a move.

I would like to see some conclusion to the tedious stories (Adebayor, Hleb and Nasri) this week.

And I do feel a tool for backing Adebayor - he has actually made Ronaldo look like he has an ounce of integrity.

Ted said...

I think a bit of perspective here would do some good gents. Adebayor is not Ashley Cole. Yet.

Ade had a reputation as being a twat before he came to Arsenal, he behaved like a twat several times whilst at Arsenal (saying that ManU wanted to sign him last year and the bust-up with Bendtner come to mind) and he is hardly the first player to say "match my wage demands or I'm off". Indeed, he is struggling to make it into the top 50 arsenal players on that front.

I suspect that underneath it all, if the papers' figures are anything to go on, if Ade is on £40k a week, then he feels underpaid compared to many other players at Arsenal, and a destitute pauper compared to the money being touted by Barca, Real Madrid and Milan this summer.

What objection can you have to Ade being on a par with the best paid players at Arsenal? I have none.

At the moment, people are jumping to conclusions. If Ade is saying "Arsenal can stuff their £70k a week, I'm off to Barca" then fine. Cheerio Ade.

But if Ade is actually saying "I only want to be recognised on a level field with the other top Arsenal players" then fair enough I say. Give him the contract.

Obsinho said...

Fair enough. But the point is, all that should be done behind closed doors.

But when you have used your agent, other clubs and the press to make statements as transparent as;

"I am still under contract to Arsenal but it's up to the directors to satisfy my demands or I'll leave."

Then I do feel the disrepect you are showing to club, manager and fans is almost irreparable. Hleb has made no direct statements of this nature. Ronaldo has made no direct statements of this nature. Cuntley Cunt did in his "book". And for that reason, unless Adbayor comes out and claims he has been misquoted (bit late now), then he is also a cunt of similar proportions to Cuntley.

blewlimbs said...

There can be no doubt that Ade's comments are "unattractive" but I agree with Ted's comments that at 40k pw his contribution last year is not being recognised. OK he squandered a lot of chances but when we were short of choices he worked his tail off as the one up front. We know that he is not sophisticated and has the capacity to be a twat but he does have a lot of talent and enormous potetntial...lets hope that things can be fixed with a payrise to him and his subsequent expressions of gratitude and loyalty....we will not get anyone better for less money.

Ted said...

I take the point Obsinho, but I don't really see that Ade is any worse than Hleb. Infact, using agents to feed stories to the press just so that the player can say "that was my agent, not me" is so transparently juvenile that its probably worse in my book.

Also, what real difference does it make if its all done behind closed doors? A cunt behind closed doors is still a cunt (W Shakespeare, 1602).

Obsinho said...

My French isn't so hot, but the OM Pape Diouf lad says the Nasri deal will be completed in a few days.

This was taken live from a statement made in the pres conference to present Hatem Ben Arfa as an OM player.

K man said...

I'm willing to look a fool if Ade stays and scores another 20 odd goals but I do think he may be a one season wonder. He tailed off badly and missed some crucial chances - Liverpool in the champions league springs to mind. I think what we're all probably fed up with is that a lot of Arsenal stories are about stars leaving rather than new signings.

Our best signings this summer must be clichy and sagna on new long term deals.

Anonymous said...

He's a cunt and he's off. Good riddance, he was always a poor man's Kanu.

Now let's get serious. When are we going to make our £24m bid for Crouchy?

Anonymous said...

I think better sale Adebayor.He cannot compare to TT. said...

I agree if you do it won't make a difference