Monday 18 February 2008

A bit of perspective

It was dissappointing to lose against Manchester United and it was especially gutting to lose in such a manner, however it was one game and Arsene clearly has his eye on the Milan game. I will make no excuses, Manchester United thoroughly deserved their handsome win, and played us off the park. There were certainly some clear reasons for why this happened.

The missing fullbacks and centre midfielders made a difference, the centre backs looked very exposed, while Manu's five in the midfield was a tactical victory over our below-par four. Gilberto does not hustle as he once did, while having no Flamini, Diaby or Denilson to add a bit more energy and bite did not help. Having said that the players on the pitch did not do themselves justice and they will know this. Hoyte does not appear to have the quality to make it as a first choice player, while Traore clearly has a lot to learn about his defensive duties.

Our entire side cost less than Wayne Rooney, and Manchester United have countless twenty odd million pound players that can come into the side when needs be. The fact that Arsene's Arsenal have competed on their level for so many years just shows what magic has been done to make up for our smaller financial outlays.

The pitch was a joke, but this made do difference, we were toothless and gapingly open at the back. Eboue's red card did not help, a stupid high foot but a slightly harsh red in my mind. Fletcher and Ferdinand's lunges were as bad as any tackles I saw on Saturday, and the mountain out of molehill that Ferguson is trying to make from Gallas' little kick is typical of the demented Scot. He might want to remember that Nani's head movements will also need to be looked at if Gallas is reprimanded.

Milan is the important game, our baskets of eggs are decreasing in number, but Arsene had little choice but to ensure we will go into this game with as strong a line up as possible. I am dissapponted but expected a defeat on Saturday, it still hurts of course, but we have to be pragmatic, as gambling on Saturday could have left us with more injuries for Milan and the same result.

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