Friday 1 February 2008

Lets buy Spurs

The Scousers campaign to buy Liverpool FC from the nasty Americans for £500m has got me thinking. Whilst its very nice for the fans to own the club, if its basically just a question of the money being right, then anyone could do this.

Now, whilst that means that we could try and get about a million people together to buy Arsenal, it would cost too much and will never happen. Plus we might mess it all up and ruin the club we love, which would be a bad thing.

However, what is to stop us putting together a secret consortium to buy Spurs? We would have to be subtle and not let on that we were Gooners, but once we are in control, we can just liquidate the assets and close the club down, sack all the players (no point in trying to sell them), forfeit all the matches and refund all the season tickets. Absolutely brilliant.

We might lose a few bob in the process, but the development potential for turning Shite Hart Lane into a Pound-Saver supermarket means we might even make a bit of cash.

So who's up for it?

1 comment:

1979gooner said...

good idea,

how much do you reckon they are worth?

can of coke, a mars bar and a snickers?