Tuesday 12 February 2008

Arsenal News Turkey

I had to pinch myself when I read this amazingly cocky piece on Arsenal News Review, here we have a rather over confident journalist claiming that fergie should be reading his ill informed blog to learn a bit more about the game:

"Well, Sir Alex and Avram are too close to their teams and can't see the wood for the trees. They should read ANR."

I wouldn't read ANR if I were you, it's full of these kind of dramatic bursts of arrogance and you won't learn much about football either. This coming from the same man that wrote off Almunia and refuses to change his mind on the matter, despite an excellent consistent season taking Arsenal to the top of the league. This is also the same man who wrote off Adebayor in his early Arsenal days, it's almost looking like a slagging off from ANR can guaranteee a great Arsenal career, what a magical understanding of football Myles Palmer has.

I have no problem with people having different opinions to mine, however being unable to ever admit that one made a mistake and possessing immense cockyness beyond one's station are not traits that I particularly admire. We all misjudge players, Arsene included, however Myles Palmer seems completely blind to his own faults and seems to be rather too keen to believe his own hype that is generated from within his own journalistic goldfish bowl.

So don't read ANR, it's written in such an over confident patronising nauseating manner that the only thing you'll learn is how not to write well about football. I'd rather read Arseblog for some excellent good humoured and modest banter. Solid win against Blackburn last night, it will be rather interesting just what kind of side Arsene plays in the FA cup fixture away to Manu on saturday, I would like to see a few key players rested as the Milan game is far more important in my eyes.

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