Sunday 10 February 2008

Anything for a quick buck

What a terrible shame that Manchester City won on the 50th anniversary of the Munich air crash. It could never be said that Manchester United have exploited the tragic deaths of the Munich air crash by selling overpriced merchandise to commemorate and profit from the disaster.

One can certainly tell a lot about people in the way that they react after disasters. It seems that pathetic little squabbles over a few grand are of major importance to a club that is probably the richest in the whole world. The club clearly has more important things on its agenda that behaving with dignity and respect, things like making a fast buck I would assume.

The Munich disaster was undoubtedly a great tragedy. However the way in which Manchester United tries to expoit such tragedy does them no credit whatsoever. Manchester United were quite a popular club back in those days of old; in the following fifty years they have gained many new supporters but also alienated countless thousands with their arrogant profiteering behaviour.

The hypocrisy of it all is also rather bemusing. On one hand they use Munich as an emotive shield to hide behind, while on the other hand they are quite happy to exploit the Munich disaster to make a quick buck. In this way their cynical profiteering cannot be criticised, as any criticism of the club is seen as an insult to the victims of the crash.

I am sure many true Manchester United fans are rather embarassed at what their club has become, and certainly the Glazer's ownership isn't helping this situation. Given that Gordon Brown is so keen for fans to be listened to in some matters, one wonders why the government has made absolutely no effort to stop profiteering billionnaires taking over English footballs and risking their very existence with some very dubious short termist decisions. I wonder.


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Ted said...

Either I can't access the link or its been taken off football365 ?

Anyway, I have to raise my concern that we should not take this too far.

Manure's commercialistic tendencies have already already given them the punishment they deserve, namely disinterested commercial owners and disinterested commercial fans.

Most of the proper Manc arseholes who actually care about the club can rarely get tickets for games anymore. Old Trafford will be a theme park within 5 years and short of going bankrupt or getting relegated, thats about as much as I could hope for.

Plus well played to Man City on Sunday I say. they showed respect during Manure's self indulgency and then gave them a stuffing during the game that I hope none of them forget.