Saturday 12 March 2011

Old Trafford awaits as media regurgitate their own bile

So we narrowly go out to Barcelona, the team touted as the 'best in the world' by many an expert, with the aggregate score being 3-2 despite us playing for almost a quarter of the tie a man down, unfairly a man down I may add, and the media seem to think that we are useless, have 'no leaders', cannot defend, et cetera. How very sensationalist, reactionary, stupid and tiresome. It's not unexpected though, it makes easy writing for some very lazy hacks who are just happy to trot out the same old dross week in week out. The Online Gooner makes a good point that we should all get behind the team and not react lazily like the media all the time.

"They (Uefa) are difficult people to deal with - they don't listen to you and they never have done....Maybe one day they might - but I am not going to hold my breath."

The above quote is from Peter Hill-Wood and makes for some very interesting reading, to me it appears that Peter is calling UEFA a bunch of dictators in a rather polite manner. The fact that UEFA and our football governing bodies are effectively run like dictatorships does make them prone to becoming intrinsically corrupt. Any individual or organisation that is unaccountable and unwilling to change in response to valid criticism will inevitably become stagnant and corrupt, this is what we have going on at FIFA/UEFA and the FA. By corrupt I simply mean that these organisations are serving their own interests and propagating unfairness, rather than serving the interests of the game and striving for a fairer process.

Anyway moving onto today's game at Old Trafford, there's no doubt about the importance of this one, both in terms of psychology for the league title race and in terms of winning a cup. Almunia will come in for Szczesny, Cesc drops out with his recurrent hammy, Song and Theo are still out. Arsene will field a strong eleven and this is who I would play:


Sagna Djourou Koscielny Clichy

Diaby Wilshere Nasri Arshavin

Chamakh RVP

I think we missed the pace and skill of Arshavin against Barca, he made a difference when he came on, albeit a bit too late. Let's have a go at United, I don't want to see us sit back and fail to throw the kitchen sink at them. Vidic is back for them but they have been leaking a few goals of late, let's hope that can continue. Although it is a 4-4-2 above, it would work more like a 4-3-3, I think dropping Nasri deeper is a far better option than playing Rosicky or Denilson. Come on you Gunners, let's show people that we do have some leaders!


Sid said...

The media I can understand and expect them to trot out the usual anti-Arsenal bile. But the wanky whiny noises eminating from certain Gooners is disgraceful. How these mugs can claim to be Arsenal suopporters is beyond me.

The fact that we are a good win away from topping the league seems to have excaped these twats and I think we have a great chance of winning the title.

Up the Arse!

Anonymous said...

Good read, to add to the issue of fifa being corrupt and their unwillingness to improve on football, not sure if anyone has heard of a recent hockey incident where a player basically got a concussion from being pushed into the side wall, now the nhl is looking into making it safer and taking some of the physicality out of the game. My point is, if the NHL is willing to take hitting out of hockey (to some degree) to make it fairer and safer, couldnt fifa just get some f****** cameras around the pitch?

Rhinogooner said...

Let's see if Denilson can manage to track runners today and not just stroll around the pitch lazily.

Hope Nasri is in the creative midfield position. But I doubt it. Not sure why Mr. Wenger refuses to play him there when Cesc is out. We're going to need some incisive passing to unlock Man U today.

Danish Gooner said...

I want my Arsenal back !!!!

Rhinogooner said...

Man U 2-0 Arsenal. Can't believe I watched that dross until the end.

How many Arsenal supporters are feeling like they've seen this film before??

Out of 3 competitions in two weeks. Still in it for the league though.....pah, that's our season shot today...

How much better of a manager is Ferguson than Mr. Wenger? He gets it right against us every time. He runs tactical rings around clueless Mr. Wenger.

Man U are a class above us. Their players have that will to win and solidity in their play.

Oh, did I mention Djourou went off injured and looks to be out for a long time?

No way to avoid this turd burger. We're all going to have to take a bite....again...