Friday 11 March 2011

Szczesny out for six weeks - damn

So the finger injury sustained on Wednesday is going to keep him out for about 6 weeks, not good news, meaning he is likely to miss the league games against WBA, Blackburn and Blackpool, as well as the cup tie against Manu this weekend.

It gives Manuel Almunia a massive chance to prove his doubters wrong. He had a fantastic game against Barca this week and let's hope he can continue in that vein of form for the next few weeks. Arsene is going to have to smuggle in another keeper just in case Almunia gets injured too, I pray that doesn't happen.

We need to get lucky with injuries otherwise this season could turn into a huge mound of horse manure before our very eyes. Arsene's foolish decision to gamble with an unfit Cesc in midweek has backfired with him niggling his hamstring (again), meaning he will miss at least a couple of games. It is not the first time that Arsene has gambled with unfit players in big games.


Uncle Mike said...

Wenger gambles on unfit first-teamers because he hasn't gotten adequate backups. Rosicky might have been a great player before his injuries, Diaby might have become one if not for his injuries, Denilson is a useless sack of mashed potatoes that may forever end the myth of wonderful Brazilian football.

That these are the "men" who must step up in the case of injury to the two world-class midfielders, Fabregas and Nasri, is a joke, and it stopped being funny a long time ago.

If the Almunia who played very well against Barcelona in 3 out of 4 tries (and, in the Bendtner 1-4 Messi game, was the least of our problems) shows up the rest of the way, we have a chance at either remaining trophy. But if he turns back into The Clown, we're dead, Jim. And Wenger's refusal to get better bench players, including goalkeepers, is highly illogical.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the point of blaming Arsene for not buying another goalkeeper. WE have at least 3-who can predict two of them will be injured? What is the point of buying another one and put him on the bench? A goalkeeper who is satisfied with sitting on the bench for most of the season won't be a good one.

Our second string players are far from good, or even capable. That is true. It is a problem Arsene has to deal with--perhaps next season with Lansbury, Bartley, Ramsey...we may have a better bunch.

I can also understand why Arsene has to risk Cesc--Cesc regards this game as one of his most important--he wants to prove he has come of age in front of the Barca crowd. Put you in Arsene's place. When Cesc told you he was fit and ready to play, would you tell him NO, sit on the bench!! And risk Cesc putting in a transfer request in the summer?

It would be a man much more brave than Wenger to say so...

Anonymous said...

mike has a good point

our back up in midfield in terms of cover for song/cesc/jack has not been good enough

denilson is a waste of squad space

this has been obvious for well over a year

I'm surprised he hasn't recalled Lansbury yet

Bartley is doing well at Rangers

With Ramsey out, Frimpong out and Diaby injury prone (at start of season) it was obvious to me that he should have had more in the locker in terms of combative midfielders